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Failure Of The Rev. W. H. H. Murray

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The perious fin uicial embarrassnieut of the R v. W. H. H. Murray becanie generttlly knowu in New Haven yesterdiy. Thomas H. Emerson, of Bont 01, had held Mr. Murray's note for $1,25(, aud Mr. Murray guve a check in pny ment. The check was diahonored arn the note protested. At tua ïnstance ï the holder of the note, of Mr. Murray had gone to protest, Deputy Kheriï O.tliu went to Mr. Muimy'w stock farfr in Guilt'ord on Weduesdny. Mr. Murmj was not at home. He fouud the fu' heavily tnortgaged, and was told tUa: abont ten dayg apo a deputy sheriff o! Guilt'ord had attached two colts, some oxeu and a wugon to snist'y debt wliich Mr. Murray owed D. B. Ciittenden, a teed dealer in New Haven. After soiue search for other property Catlin fouud five handsouie and spirited stallions. Hu thun visited one or two othei farms in thu hills in which Mr. Murray was interested, and seized six or eight fine colts. Keturning to the farm he tried to get hold of a uiowing machine, but was too late, for Mr. Murray's supeiintendcnt had sold it for $50. Forty tons of hay, however, were taken posses8ion of. Coming back to New Haven the deputy sheriff next a'tached Mr Murray's stock in the Boston Buckboard Wagon Coiiipauy, which amounts to $40,000 But this iittaehiijent will not avail anything, as the stock was recently given as oollateral security for a lo:tn te Mr. Murray, and was subsequeutly attached by Boston creditors. For several weeks Mr. Murray has been absent from home, and his wift, who remains there, says that he is in the Adirondacks, but caupot teil in M"' part of th'it región. Superintendent Spare, of the Buckboard Company, saye that continuedfinanciiil trouble iuduced Mr. Murray fco go there for rest. It i said that he lost muoh tnoney in connection with the Golden Rule, his ton


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