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Friday, 1. Laura A. L"onrd vs. B. J. Bilüngs An actiou brnnght lo recover arrears ut' rent on LhohhhI House in Ibis city. An att.iclnmnt ws 8tied on furniruie, stock, &c: Defenne - various thiiiLr-. house out of repair the principal one. Charles D. Colman va. Wm. P. Groves. Flaintiff recovered verdict of six cents. Sarah A. Warner vs. F. Hinckley. Jury impaneled to decide on genuineness of a receipt appearing in the evideucH. Ypsilanti litlfrants. Thos. Poole vs. O. W. Holt, itupleaded wiih Maltin Gray. Judgmeut reversad with oats of both oourts. Eight days granad to move for a new trial. Myri'ii Webb HBsi-iiiee, vi. Josiah S. Case, Sheriff. Motion for new trial granted without costs. SatujíDAY, Anr. 2. Joseph H. Durand and B. F. Tuttle vs. Wilson West. Eight daya given foi uew trial. Peoplo vs. Fredmiek Foley. Pleaci guilty of larceny of : 30. Kemanded for sentence. Oornelius Lang vs. Byron Hutchinson. Verdict for plaiutüf of $30. Peoplp vs. Lawson. Cimrged with assault nnd battery with intent to ravish upon Mary Bevel. Plead guilty to first part of charge. Sentence suspended. People vs. Siiulsbury and Crowell. Continued on üffiilavit of rlei'endiuit. Charged with false pretenses. Peoplfl vs. Saulsbury and Crowell. Charged with uttering forged paper. Same order. These men are alleged to be "confidence men " practicing their arts on Michigan Central passengers. People vs. ltobt. McKinney. Charged with perjury. Case continued to next term. Court adjourned to Aug. 6. Wednesday, Aug. 6. In the case of Anna Barbara PíVifle vs. J. M. and Abratu Hirth, judgmeut of $560,35 and interest from rendition of verdict was ordered for plaintiif. In the case of Cornehus Lang va. Byron Hutohinson a judgraent of $30 was by verdict of jury, ordered for plaintiff. Amanda O. Stilea vs. Leander Stiles. Parties reside in Ypsilanti town. Plaintiff bringa suit for divorce on gtound of adultery and extreme oruelty. The case abounds iu nastiness of detail to an extent that the court house room iieeds turaigation at its conclusión. The rush still continúes and crowds come from all directions to secure the great barirains that are offered at Mack & Schmids and which have created an excitement unparaleled in the anualg oí the dry goode trade in this city.


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