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In Memoriam To Father Van Erp

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I'ead, oh, what anju; h filis our hearts, And tears of t niu ■ make our eye prow dim; The unirersul gn I a the snd news imparts, .Sliowa whut respect, and love thcre vu ior him. Father, to know thee whp to love thee dear, Thy geutlts wnys our k rta did eafily win ; But now thou nrt deud, nd on deatli's bier, To-day, thy body luy, devoid of bin. Upon the altar we will ihísb thy lovinfr form, As duily to the chuivh we wend our way ; And thuugh wt know that thou'rt iree from harm, We'U not forget lor Ihee aprayer to uuy. Sleep on, dear tme, the long and silent sleep of (eatli, Till (iibril sounds tlie trumpet loud and clear; Then befort; all reedve thy well arned wreuth, The crownini; lory oí thy pure sainlly career. Oonp, and thoutrh tliy fuco we ne'er njiin can aee Thou hast rcceived the reward so uobly wou ; And lett behind a mein'iy bright and free, For iather dt-ar ihy hte'b work'a uobly done.