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August Peteraon, for 10 years past empioyed in Clark V Brown's brickjard, at üraud liapida. was oiling the crown-wheel Wednesday morning, when bis clothee were caught by it and he was mashcd up against it with great violence, nis breast being torn open. Ho lived but a short time, and leaves a wife and threo children. A mn named George Thompson, at work bias) ing for C. C. Comstook, of Grand RapidB, approached a fuse which he supposed had died out ineffectually, when it exploded,blowing hi head off. He leaves a family in Toronto Ontario. Harriaon Cook, an old resident and prominent business citizen, of Adrián, died unexpectedly Wednesday morning of cholera morbus. He was born in Ontario county, N. Y., in 1822, and settled in Adrián in 1885. Father Van Erp, pastor of 8t. Thomas Catholic chnroh at Ann Arbor, was thrown from a (■rriage Wednesday and fatallyinjured. The nret annual reunión of the Jacknon county soldiers is to be held on the fair round Tuesday, August 12. The Petoskey camp nieetrng began Tucsday. It will last a week, and be followed by a Bunday-school congress continnlng for another week. Samuel Haviland of Kaisin, Lcnawee county, a venerable Quaker, died July 28, aged 87. He settled there in 1832, and had lived there ever nince, dying in the house he first built. HU wife, with whom he had lived 58 Tears, died about two weeks since. Last year nearly 7,000 applicants were re fused license as school teachers in this State. The average per diem of the teachers in townhips for 1878 was f 1 89, but few are emjiloyed for more than four months. The average teacher receives less than $144 per anuum. There are in the State 9,545 school - houses, of which 89 are built of stone, 1,724 of bliek, 7,6„'8 of frame, and 124 of the primitive log. The valuation of the sohool property is tïl,586,647 29. A fir? at Qoguac Lake near liattle Creek, Thursds-y morning dentroycd the Bteamer,Lew Clark, thre; boat house aud the dwelÜDg house of James Cleveland. Mrs. Cleveland, an infaut child and a little son were fatally burned or injured m escaping from the burning building. The following is the official statement of the receipts and disbursments of the State treasury for the month of July : Balance on hand June 30 $628,484 73 ïteceipts during the month 248,020 78 J}ÍBb;irssment 176,099 29 Balance on hand July 31 699,506 22 There were 19 conviets received at the State prison during the month of July. Four were pardoned during the month, and one discharged by order of the supremo court. There rcmained on the last day ot the month 785, ;i deorease of tive durins the month. Two large barns owned by John A. Tnttle of Fowlerville, Livingston eounty, were burned July 31. Los, $1,000; partly insured in the county mutual. Borne dastardly wretch put Paris green in a well belonging to Adjet Craw of Klmwood, Tusoola eounty, while the family were absent from home. Fortunately it was discovered in time to prevent the wholesale poisoning that might have ensued. The veteran soldier and sailors of xouthwestern Michigan have a reunión at Diamond Lake islaud, near Cassopolis, August 20-22. The public exercises will be held on Thursday, 21, on which dav speciil trains will be run on both railroada at excursión rates. At a meeting of the board of trustees of the State Institution for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind in Flint on Friday, the question of separating the blind from the other department was discussed, and the change will probably take place during the coming pchool year. The location of the building is stül undecided. John Poun, a Germán farmer living some eight miles north of Albion, while on his way home Thursday with a load of lumber, was thrown from his load and run over, receiving injuries from which he died in two hours. The boiler, of a steam thrasher exploded at Overisel, Allegan eounty, and killed three men Thursday afternoon. James Blow, aged abont 70 years, a wealthy farmer of Dryden, Lapeer eounty, was uonfined to the asylum for the insano, at Pontiac for abont a year, and released a few months since as incurable. His friends undertook the charge of him at home. On Thursday morning he wandered out to the barns and deliberatsly set them on fire, causing their total destruction, ineluding th8 year's crops of hay and wheat. Loss, $2,500. The barns of Amos Predinore, near Caro Tuscola, eounty, were burned Saturday afterrnm&'fArtmiitiue?1- ' " "■--- Ira Congdon was instantly killed Friday at Morris and Stebbin's steam mili, about six miles from Hart. He had been mending a belt and it Btarted to run over the cylinder bef ore he was aware of it. It drew him into the machinery, tearing and mangling his body terriWy. William BayhiB, oharged with stealing a valuable span of hoi ses in Lapeer eounty, was traeed to Flint and captured Friday night by a poBBe of oflïcers and citizens after an exciting ohase of several blockB. He was taken back to Lapeer for examination. An election of oflicers ot the First Regiment of Michigan State troops, to fill vacaneies cansed by the promotion of Col. Withington and the resiprnation of Major Hinckley, was held at Jackson on Thursday, and resulted in the ielection of the following: Colonel, Wm. C. Fitzsimmons of Tecumseh; lieut. colonel, E. B. Griffith, Jackson; major, F. E. Vheeler, Adrián. Chas. F. Howe of Berrien Springs, used to own "John Buil" - the lirst railroad locomotive eTer run in the United States. He used it in the lnmbering business at Charlottville, now Bridgman, in Berrien county. President Ashley Pond of the Detroit and Bay City Koad issued his first official order on öatrtrday. It announces the appointment of Henry Russell as attorney for the road. The monthly inspection of salt by the State Salt Inspector shows a product for July of 232,077 barrels. Total to date for this year 994,700 barrels, an incraase over laet year of 60,193 bárrelo. In an altercation at Lexingtou Monday afternoon W. C. Moore, a lawyer, waB shot and Benously wounded by a land agent named Uren, who is now in jail. ' Much damage was done in Barry county by lightning on Saturday and Sunday morning. Two children of Mr. Garrett of Baltimore were seriouuly ïf not fatally injured and his house badly damaged. Henry Barber, an old farmer residing near Mt. Morris, is ander arrest charged with resisting officërs who came to take his wheat erop on a replevin writ Saturday. Barber appeared on the scène armed with two shot guns and three revolyers and speedily routed the whole posse. There were 46 convicts received at Ionia in July and 29 dischargcd, leaving August 1 258 in prison. ' John Hanvech, of Frenchtown, Monroc county, lost his barn, all his crops, a mowing marhine and a span of horses by lightning, wbich set hiB barn on fire on the 3d. The nld Uricc building in Port Huron was burned on the 3d. J. M. White, who had a photograph gallery in it, lost 2,2üü on his stock and has f700 insurance. A farmer named Marcus liawrence, residing in the ownship of Richñeld, Genessee county, feil from a load of oats Tuesday under the horseH' f eet, and was fatally inj ored. TheChippewa County News estimates the product of wheat in that county the present ycar at fifty thousand bushels. The Southwest part of Homer township is suffering from a severe epidemie of diphtheria, there being one family of Beven persons down with it, with one death from it Monday. Three roughB named Smith Hazen and Palmer were jailed at Adrián Tuesday for a murderous assault on Mr. Burnett, a hotel proprietor at Morenci on Saturday evening. The partios were captured in the woods Sunday afternoon and narrowly escaped lynching at the hands of the excited villagers. The difficnlty arose from unpaid board bilis. About one thousand colored people at Grand Rapids asscmbled Tuesday and celcbrated emancipation by a handsome procesBion tbrongh the principal streets to the fair ground, where they were addressed by Hou. W. A. Atwood of Saginaw (colored), Hon. John W. Htone. M. O., Thadeus Foote, I. E. Messmore, white and colored.


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