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A correspondent at Berlín telegraphs that a number of detectives have been orderei thence to Kissengen for the protection o: Prince Bismurck. All the Indian troop ships are ordered to get ready for six months' continuons service with a view of bringing home troops to Englanc from South África. A letter was lately received by Horatio J Sprague, United States consul t Gibraltar, demanding that $3,000 be deposited in a certain spot, on pain of the death of himself and family. The Spanisk autliorities investigated the matter and arrested 14 persons on suspician. Sprague has since recieved a letter containing still more adacious threats. Osman Pasha has been appointed commander-in-chief of the army of observation on the GreeK frontier, which will number 84,000. A telegram states that the cholera is raging among the troops returning to India from Afghanistan. The Tenth Hussars havs lost forty men in one day, and the Seventeenth foot 193 men. W. 13. Gerrish, of Muskegon; familiarly known as "Scott" Gerrish - the man who has a fifteen-mile logging railroad near Kvart - invested twenty thousand dollars in a silver mine twenty miles from Salt Lake Citv last hundred and fif ty thousand dollars for his interest in the mines. The French senate and assembly are prorogued and will reassemble in Paris on the 25th of November or lst of December. A quarantine is imponed at Rome on vesscls from the United State because of yellow fever. It is stated that Seringaur, the capital of Cashmere, ordinarily containing three hundred thousand inhabitants,bas only thirty thousand aince the famine. The steamship Louis David, from Antwerp for Naples, was wrecsed during a fog off Ushant, France, and 27 persona drowmed. The French grape erop is mach improved, and the yield will be only half as great as last year. The beet root erop will be 40 percent, lesa than last year. In Btaffordshire 3,400 colliers ha-ve Btruck against the rcauction of wages, aSectmg 17 ,- 000 persons.


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