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A Bear's Appetite

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A bear has an appetite very similar :o that of a goat. On board the United States man-of-war Alaska there is a oear-cub which was obtained at Sitka ity an ensign, and which is the pet of the ship. It is a very playf ui and sociable animal, climbs to the main-tjp when so minded, and roves in freedom ;hroughout every part of the ship. On its first appearance on board it devoured all the soap and candles in sight, and ate two officers' dress-suits. ïhey were obliged to lock up the soap in an iron safe to keep it out of reach of the bear, and the ensign who ow:is the animal is mortgaged for two years' aay for daniages to the officers' suits. 3ne of the freaks of the bear was to raid on the barber's shop of tho ship, uní eat all the shaving-soap, cups and brushes. hair-oil, combs and jrushes. By order of the captain, a juard is kept over the ship's guns light and day, to keep the bear trom eating theni, the animal having made several attempts in that direction. -


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