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With The Stream

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A blue, blue sky and a clear, clear stream, And atiny fairy boat; And still in the sunshine 1 dream, I dream, Whüst down with thestream wefloat- Floating, drifting. away,away, On the river's buoyant breast, That ripples red to the dying day While the sun-disc slopes to the West- Rising, falling, slow on tüe swell; And the water-lilies shake, And lightly swayeth each silver sheil - Fair oraft on a fairy lake. Glancing, ttluiing, through the bright wave Flashes and gleams orir prow, Stirring the calm blue deepa that lave The tall clift's storm-beat blow. Silent we drift, and the still airs beat With a pulsing thrill of life, Keeping time to measured fall of feet And the apirit-muBio's strife - Fairy feet, with the lightness winged Of the West wind's wandering kiss, Magie music of gold harps. stringed Iu TiWUtta's realma of blisa. Glamo i Spell nl of Tnin" Tuning ljit;n Ev'ry lily-cup on the stream. aiioat Is the haant of a fay at noon, And the waves that sparkle around our boat Hippie low to a charmed tune. # # Drifting - and now in the umbraged shadow, Where the beeches, o'erhanwn shut out thelight; And now by the slopes of the gold-grean meadow, Where the flood of the snnshine is broad and brigbt. And sometimes the aunlight f alls but faintly, And soinetimes the shadowa are half of gold, Mixed and mingled and broidered quaintly, With buds and blossoms to lace each fold. Nature' a garmentS' - canany match them? Man's skill is poor to her cunning hand; Striving to fashion, we only patch them, Thoae robes she caats o'er the Summer land. Drifting- and still, as we drift, a-dreaming, With'the wash of the wavelets for lullaby, With the last roae-rays o'er my bent head streaming. Whilst the sun hangB low in a chrysolite sky.


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