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The Death Of A Generation

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A writer in an English magazine studies from birth to death the march of an English generation through lite, basing lus remarks on the animal report ot the registrar-general. The author singles out, in imagmation, a genration with one million souls, and fmds that of these more than one-fourth die before they reach flve years of age. During the next flve years the deaths number less than one-seventh of those in the flrst quinquennium. From flfteen to twenty the deaths increase again, especially among women. At this perlod the mfluence of dangerous occupations begins to be seen in the death-rate. F uil eight times as many men as women die violent deaths. The number of such deaths continĂșes to rise from twenty to twenty-flve and keepshigh for several years. Consumption is prevalent and fatal from twenty to forty and is responsible for nearly half the deaths. From thirtyiive to forty-iive the effects of wear and tear begin to appear, and many persons succumb to diseases of the important internal organs. By iifty-flve the imagined million has dwindled down to less than one-half, 421,115. After this the death-rate increases more rapidly. At seventy-five there remain 161,124, and at eighty-five 38,565. Only two hunded and two reach the age of one hundred. At flfty-three the number of men and women surviving is about equal, but from Iiftyflve onward the women exceed the


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