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The Bright Side

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Look on the biïght side - it is the right side. The times may be hard, but it will make them no easier to wear a gloomy sad countenance. It is the sunshine and not the cloud that gives beauty to the flower. There is always before or around us that which should cheer and lili the heart with warmth and gladness. The sky is blue ten times where it is black once. You have troubles, it may be. So have others. None are free from them - and perhaps it is as well that none should be They give sinue and tone to lif e - f ortitude and courage to man. That would be a dull sea, and the sailors would never acquire skill, were there nothing to disturb its surface. It is the duty of everyone to extract all the happiness and enjoyment he can from within and without him, and, above all, he should look on the bright side. What though things do look a little dark? The lane will have a turning, and the night will end in broad day. In the long run the great balance lights itself. What appears ill becomes well -that which appears wrong, right. The most fashionable clothing of school girls, says a medical writer, is a disgrace to society. IIow long would a school boy letain his health with his vital organs tightly compressed in a stiff case of whalebone and steel, a killing weight suspended f rom his hlps four or live waistbands heating the central portion of his body, his weight thrown out of its proper line of direction by high-heeled shoes ; every rule, in short, of comfort and commonsense transgressed in his clothing ? He would be under the doctor's care in a month or less, and the fact that girls endure all ibis, yearafter year, and yet remain able to drag themselves from their homes to their school-rooms, is proof of immense power of physical endurance


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