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For The Children

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Charley he's my little bnther, And we ha the mostest fun, Don't we, Charley ? Our mother Whenuver we whips one 'nother Tries to whip us, and we run - Dun't we, Charley - and nen byme-by, Non flhe gives us cakes and pie, Dun't Rhe Charley? - when we come in, And p'omise never to do it agin. He's named Charley; l'm Willy, And l'm got the purtieBt name! My Uncle Bob calis me "Billy," Don t he, Charley ? Our filley I named "Billy" the same Thist like me - and our mother aaid "Bob puts foohshcn into our head," Didn't she, Charley? - and she don't know JtJueh about boys- cos Bob said so. Baby's the funniest feller - Naint no hair on hia head, Is they, Charley ? - its meller W'itp u-i there. l'd seü her, Hve most fun with Kim every day. and aave most ton ■ i purtier one. :f,tcr she's 'leven Yeais old- 'ats mucher'n 1, Ain't it, Charley? l'm seven - But our little sister'R in heaven. - Dead people goes to the Rky, Bon't they, Charley ? - Nen they has wings Thist like Fanny - and thepurtieat thingsDon't they, Charley? - Nen they can tíy, Thist fly- and - ever'thing?. .. Wish't l'd die!


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