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- Tlimni bal Harn lin wautsto turn over the Maino senatorehip to Lis son. - Ex-Gov. English is an aspirant for rr-electioa to senatorial honors in Conneoticut. - One year's experienee has disgusted Gen. Joe Johnston witti congress, and as soon as his term expires ho will retire to privato life. - Demócrata of Massachusetts havo resolved to nomínate and vote for a candidato for goveruor. This is a sad blow to Butler's boom. - Governor Talbot of Massachusetts has written a letter, it is said, positively refusing to accept a renomination ; and this still i'urther complicates the already tangled politics of Massachusetts. - Congressman Springer after a visit with Mr. Tilden is impressed with the idea that that gentleman favora the nomination of Clarkson N. Pottei for oompromise candidato for governor. - Vico President Wheelnr will emerge from the Adirondack wilderness where ho has boon fishing, long enough to attend the state conventiou to which he was olected a delégate the other day. - Peiidleton, in a speech at Cincinnati, the other evening, remarked : "Specie paymeuts are resumed. I admit it. I am glad of it. I hope it may not be disturbed. I would do nothing to impair it." - A Btory having been started that Sherman and Blaiue have formed an aliance against Grant, it is now denied by Washington dispatches, which say :hat not only has no such alliance been 'ormod, but Grant is the second choice of each of them.


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