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- Gov. Heudricks is at Block Island, E. I. - Sunator Bon Hill is a methodist episcopal elass leader. - Geu. Kilpatrick will take the plat'orin against Bob Ingersoll. - Anumberof Hartford'scitizens gave enator Thurinan a dinnor Satuiday evening. - Besides his pulpit and platform performances, Mr. Talmago is writing leters í'or a New York story paper at $100 an issue, - Minister Lowell says hia principal business at Madrid is to teil Americana he best museums, theaters, inillineis nd tailors. - Justice Chase's grave, nt Oak lili, near Washington, is marked siiuply y a block of gray granite, beariug nly the record of his birth and death 'ollowing his name. - Miss Merinda Wood of Brooklyn ied and left $4,000 to establish a seininary for young women of color instead f bequeathing the money to herfamily. She named Henry Ward Beecher and íenry C. Bovven as executors; but Mr. 3eecher refuses to act, and calis the will oolish, as there isn't enough uioney to hingle roof a seminary, much less esablish one. Mr. Bowen also rofuses to ouch the bequest. In this case, tbe nly way out of a dead-lock is for the latural heirs t contest and break the will.


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