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The annouucement of the sad accident which has so recently snatched, as it were, froin our midst the Rev. F. J. Van Erp, the revered and beloved President of the Saint Lawrence Society, and the saintly and devoted pastor of the Saint Thomas congregation of this city, hs cast a gloora over this society aud hia congregation which time only can efface. And while we bow with subniission to the will of Him who doeth all things wisely, it is with the deepest sorrow that we uiourn his losa. Deeply sensible of his Jaany acts of charity to the poor and unfortunate in dispensing his share of this world's goods, and with it whispering in their ear words of comfort and christtan counsel, and as far as in hini lay smoothing for them the pillow of death,it may well be said of him that in repler.ishing the lamp of charity he extinguisled the lamp of life. Let us hope that ie, haring dispensed his sharo of chiistian counsel, he has been called to wear a christian's crown. Therefore be it Resolved, That while we are deeply sensible of the loss whiohour society has sustained in his deinise we are not unmindful of the loss which the congregation of Saint Thomas have sustained, and we fully sympathize with theui in their sad bereavemont. Resolved, That we fully recognize the loss sustained by the sisters and pupils of Saint Thomas school, in his removal from their midst, all of whom will recall his familiar voice, bis genial face and wise counsels. May his good advice and examples be cherished by them through life. Resolved, That our meeting room be draped in mourning for the next thirty days, and that a copy of these renolutions be placed on the minute book of our society and published in the Ann Arbor newspapers and the Home Journal of Detroit. ANTÓN EIRELE, ) Committee JOSEPH AUDETT, } on EDWAED DUFFY, ) llesolutions. Ann Arbor, Aug. 12, 1879.