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Real Estate Transfers

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WAHKANTY. Hirani H. Huil to E. W. Ford. Land in Lodi for $400. James Mullen to John Mullen. 80 acres in Lyndon tbr f250. Darwin L. and E. B. Cook to Lucinda Slyfield. 2 acres in Salem for $100. Charles B. Thompson by executors to Jeretniah T. Sullivan. Ann Arbor City property for $1,000. Cha3. King to Charles H. Anderson. Ypsilunti city property for $350, Almon Perkins to Francés Havens. Ypsilanti city property for $150. E izabeth ï. Kedner to Milo and Nancy Benham. 40 acres in Ypsilanti town for $000. Francis D. Butts to George P. Langskin. 40 acres in Augusta tor $1,400. Nicholas and Mary Stafford to J. D. and Walter Stafford. Parcela of land in Superior for $11,000. Margaret Mahoney to John Dolan. 5 acres iu Webster for $300. Francis P. Bogardus to Walter H. Hawkins. Pareéis of land in Ypsilanti for $304. Maria A. Cutcheon to Joseph M. Allen. Dexter village property for $700. QUIT-CLAIM. Willia A. Wilson to Eoscoe P. Copeland. Land in Webster for $225. John J. Robison to Albert J. Robison. Land in Sharon for $600. Dm vid Bitbeock to Warren Babcock. Land in York for $1 00 love and affection. David Babcock to George W. Babcock. 20 acres in Ypsilanti for $100 love and affection. David Babcock to G. W. and H. Babcock. Land in Northfield for $100 love and aftvction. Fred Keerfess to Lewis Haab. Land in Freedoin for $500. Antoinette Richards to Thomas Richards. 40 acres in York for $1.