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Company A And Its Muster Roll

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There appears to bo something the matter with our military Company. - Not long ago when it paradeci thestreets it requirod little effort or timo to count the force. Times have changed, and, too great changes have been wrought in this organization. Whon the present captain was eleoted eaeh meuiber agreed to aid lira in bringing the Company back to ts former standard as ono of the most efficiënt in the régimen!. If 6gns do ïot mistake the promises then made are n prooess of fulfillment. lis first appcarance ou the street under ooinraand of Captain Manly was well attended, not by a squad of' fifteen or tweuty muskets, but by a military Company in prosperous condition. On their secoud parade they were oomraauded by their newly-electud tain in full dress tiniforui, looking vory much ut home. As they turued the corner of Fourth and Huron Streets, and marched down the latter with overy musket in line, reuiarks like these were heard: "The Company looks like old Company A whenit wasfirstorganized; ' "It reminds me of tho Porter Zouaves.'' As per notico the (Jompany turned out for parade on Wednesday ovening. - Despite the threatening clouds niembers feil into line and after a few evolutions inarched up Huron as far as State, at whith point rain began to fall. - Undor order of "Quick time" the Company soon found themselves on corner of Williaui and Thompson Streots where . .._-. a urn rei 01 they vrcr&r-r ■ - imnonaue kindly furuishod by Dr. A. L. Worden. It is the intention of the ooinmanding offioer, in his endeavor to raise tho standard of the Company, to allow no absences from drill unlessregularly preseuted and accepted. To gi ve readers of the Argus a knowledge of thecomposition of the Company we have taken pains to procure a complete list of officers and privates. The rank are as folio ws : Captain, Charles H. Manly. lst Lieut., William Kay. 2d " Charles II. Ludlow. lst Sergeant, Arthur L Worden. 2d " Morgan O'Brien. 3d " Albert Sorg. 4th " Charles M. King. óth " 8am. B. Eevenaugh. lst Corporal, Charles A. Edwatds. 2d " John Chase. 3d " A. T. Edwarda. 4th " Zachary Eoath. 5th " M. C, Sheehan. 6th " Pat. H. Sheehan. 7th " Wm. Haydeu. 8th " Hugh Eoss. Drum Major, Charles E Hiscock. Drum Corps, Henry A.Hatch, Herbert H. Howe, Gillie S. Pitkin, E. T. Edmunds. The following are the OLD ENLISTMENTS : James P. Bach, Jacob Berolzheimer, Gilbert Bliss, Wra. H. Clute, Wm. D. Church, Charles Crossuian, Sidney Culver, Wm. W. Douglas, DeWitt C. Fall, Johu S. Henderson, Wra. Herz, E. H. Hilton, Laurence F. Hoban, Fred. C. Huson, Herman Hutzel, Titus F. Hutzel, David Kay, Henry Lañe, Wm. Kennedy, George L. Moore, E. T. Pease, Herman Pistorius, Frank C. Porter, Christian Reyer, Foster Reevo, Daniel J. Ross, J. F. Schuh, Hall Seeck,.Wm. E. Sprague, Gottlieb Weitbrech, B'radford White, C. E. Worden. NEW ENLISTMENTS. Frank Bluin, Georga Blum, John C. Bonner, Thomas P. Bonner, M. Brenner, I Fred J. Bross, JosephDeitz, C.W. Earle, Frank Emerick, J. Farrell, A. F. Fillmore, JnmesFogarty, Nathan L. Franklin, M. Frip.k, Joel W. Hamilton, Fred Honne, Fred J. Henne, John C. Howley, John Kahoe, G. J. Lutz, John A. Markley, George Martin, Arthur C. Nichols, Lewis Rowland, Christian Schlenker, Henry T. Sedina, Robert Slatterly, Geo. J. Strieter, Charles Sweet, Sewurd K. Taylor. Total 83 rank and file.


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