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MOOBEVILLE, Aug. 11. - Work has been resunied on thoUuiversalist oburch. - Died. - July 25 infant daughter o: H. and L. Coggiiis. - John Day and wife froin Detroit are visiting rolatives hero. - Warren Miller has been very sick witb typhoid fever-is a Httle better. - Rev. Fisher pastor of the Baptist ehurch has gono east on a visit. Eider Buxton supplies the pulpit in his absence. - A fearful storm of rain, wind and bail visited this place Sunday Aug. 2 lasting over three hours destroying aoultry, window glass and injuring the :ruit and corn considerahly. -The heirs of the late Abrain yvifc uiivö üröuieu a Deauuiiii monument n the ceuiotery here; it is of granite, "rom the granite worka of Vermont and ïnanufuctured by L. A. Duvis of Tecutnseh. - Eev. Mr. Sunderland of Ann Arbor reached in the M. E. church last Sabath and addressed the band of hope in ;he evening. As far bis labora iu the eujperance causo is concerned his work s appreciated by tho people here ; but he religious views of the Kev. Gentleman do not accord with tho belief of the roajority of people here. This little place ontains flve sects already, and is in no articular need of any more. Kev. Dunning will next Sabbath reply to the erinon of the Eev. Sunderlaud. - F. S. Foote, our attorney, is soon to move out of town ; destination unknown. He claims the town is too small to sustain a good lawyer, and the town claims itself too large for a small lawyer. - Mr. Charles Stever and Harvey Jacobs have exohanged farms ; Mr. Jacobs having the advantage of better buildings, and oloser proximity to the railroad, and Stever, of being nearer the village, where he carries on s wagon shop. - A se veré hail storm passed over this place on Sunday, Aug. 3, in which hail stones three inches in diameter feil. Considerable damage was done to window glass during the storm. A great quantity of rain feil also, raising the Saline river to oveiflowing. - The storm on Sunday, Aug. 3, badly washed out a culvert on the T. & A. A. ailroad, just north of this place, and which carne very near wrecking the exursion train from Toledo, which went ;o Ann Arbor on that day. Some men who happened to notice the dangerous ondition of the culvert temporarily reaired it before the train returued. - A meeting was called by the school rector of this district to be held on the th ot August, for the purpose of approriating the interest money on hand rom the Maynard library fund, and ther monies belonging to the district o purchase books with; the sum of 160 was appropriated at the meeting or the above purpose. It is certainly iime sorae attention was paidto our dis,rict library, or rather to forming one, s no library at all exists in the district, 'here is now a perpetual fund belongng to this district in the Maynard beuest which is $1,000, the interest of which must be used solely for library mrposes, and the district monies approriated by law for library purposes, 'here is nothing now to prevent this istriot, in a few years, from possessing n excellent library, but wilful, and inexcusable neglect of the school board, who are the trustees of the Maynard library fund.


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