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A Day At Whitmore Lake

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Although there are numerous small akes in the several towns of tho county, n which inhabitant8 of the finny tribe oth abound and frota whioh inuch enoyinent may be derived, there are lackng public accommodations in the way f hotels, boats and tackle, so that those n want of a brief season of recreation car by are compelled to go to Whitmore Lake. Those who wish to obtain short relief from worldly cares and :eel unable to indulge in an expense of livery equipage, can take the Brighton tage at the Leonard House about ten . M., on Tuesdays, Thursdays and 8aturdays, and for tit'ty cents be conveyed o the Lake, where water conveyance at heap figures can be secured at any hour across the lake to Widenmann's, returnng to the city the next or odd days of he week. Attached to his premises is a beautiful grove, a delightful place to enjoy a picnic, dance, promenade, or other improvised amusement. He has joats and fishing tackle for those desirng sport on the water, a sail boat for nautically-inclined people, swings for he young, and croquet for all ages, ïere is a variety of attraotiou both on and and on water. Besides one is well and courteously provided for within. juesta recoiving the kind attention of ;he intelligent family who do everything necessary to make a Btay agreeable. Eeceiviug now a goort share of pubic patronage, the desirability of a soourn there in the future will be enhanced through conlemplated improvement8. That it cannot help proving an attractive location there is no doubt. An expenditure of no great amount ol money will make this the spot of all others about the lako to those in search of rest, recrtiation and recuperation.


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