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Ccciitïfli 3iaita Ana E:?.): Gljenrir, ■ Jackson Michigan...

Ccciitïfli 3iaita Ana E:?.): Gljenrir, ■ Jackson Michigan... image
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ccciitïfli 3iaita ana e:?.): gljenrir, ■ Jackson Michigan. i'cc Second Story of the Brick Block adjoining American Hotel. IHE 8ul)8criber8 under the name of flur'but fc Treadwoll, hnving esinblished au orfice :ickfion, for the purpose of transnciing busi i as General Real Kstato Agcnts, will givc ir at tent ion to The piircliasr. urV-l sale of Real Esttitz, Pmjments tif Tares on Lillut, pO Fedetming Lamls soll for Taxcs, ' 7 Kxaminatum of Tilles, . Convciur'ccs, sucli athfer bukinees ns pennins to a Gfbneral tl ICstate AgPiicy. itiirndhig permnnctuiy to FIF continuo iho nbovo Agency. arranginei)ts e beerl made wnh evniiye Runl Ksinic Oi ,- i at tlio Fust, throfi'gh wlueli thd sale ot irik'cc! Innds may be niaterially fncilitnied ; und ring to rondor t ns' bent fi'.'ial ns pussib'le, a isior ot 6uch real propcrty for snlc, as mny G "nrnisbod 113; vVitli pricrs, lernis, pnriiculai J-- ripiiqh, &.c. will bo kcpt fur the nspèction 'n lurchnsurn. and wlien n silo ífi etlcctod, a styl iinission of ü per cem is exptited frotO the - P er. i catalogue of Lnrtds, Fhthis. or oilier real .- - ;icrly tor snlo Will ba tnblishcd itnd e.xtensivoirculatcd by our office, ttiid ovners of such A )erty. desiring to fiiid owuers.. can avail x es ol ihia medium, by lÓrwordiag to us a - j icular description of (lic ptoporty, witli , tenns. &e". nnd One Dollar foieach desenp advertised. uir charges for all services, will in all cases (} t-asonable. V 3' All letterc'must be postpaid. "t t! H. HURLBUT. per J.-AI. TREADWELL. Llh( ïckeon, Sdpt. I81G. 28?-2m - hc uirdersigrred'wiircontinuc to'attend to the :ice of his profession, and vrll devote pnrlar 10 the eollection and securing Bat laims, Korcclosurc of Mortgagcs, and draftof üeèc!8, Mortgagee, Contracis, Sec. 21 J. M. TREADWELL.