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A fire Tuesctay night burned about 20 buildng iu the heart of the towa of Orillia, Onfc. t extended from the corner of Mississaga and Peter streets to Griffin's store on the west and p to and iucluding the Albion hotel on the outh. Loss $lC0,000, partly insured. Dr. Jas. L. Roberts, a highly respected citien of Mellviie, Ray county, Mo., while sitting n the store of G. D. Graveas, Monday evenng, was accosted by Dr. J. L Keyes and harged with talking about his (Keyes'sain.y. Roberts denied the charge, whereupon Leyes called him a liar, drew a revolver, and hot bim twice through the body, killing him. ïe then mounted a horse and escaped. liobrts was over 60 years old, while Keye3 was bout 30, and addicted to drmk. The sheriff of Palopinto county, Texas, and osse had a fight with the Jones gang of horse tiieves. Larkin Jones was killed, John Jones vounded, Enoch and old Jones and two othr thieves captured. Jack Morris was left to uard the wounded Jones, and assisted the later to escape. Morris was arrested. Twentyve masked uien overpowdered the four uards of Palopinto jail, and obtained the ceys under threats to burn the jail, and shot Vïorrisdead in his cell. Seventeen new cases of yellow fever 10 vhites, 7 coiored. were officially reported to ie board of health at Memphis, Wednesday. n addition to these, five other cases of colored eople eick with fever were brought to the oard of health office after the regular report lad been made out. From the locality of the ew cases the fever seems to be gradually aproaching the heart ot the city. Wednesday morning, while six masons were n the scaffoldmg of the dome of the new ïuBÏc hall, corner Randolph and State streets, hia.go, 6ü feet above the ground, the entire cafïokling, without a premonitory crack, feil arough the floors to the ground floor, where a JO pound iron plate that was being placed in he dome broke through the heavy timbers nd crusbed into the cellar. Four of the workmen went down with the frail timber, nd were terribly injured. Two brothers. amed John and Edwin Smolke, caught proections in the wall and escaped comparatively ithout in juryW. K. Miller of Harrisburg was shot dead 'hursday bv Samuel E. Albrigh1 of Montgomry Ferry. Both were paying attentions to :ie same young woman, and met at her lonse. Ex-Collector Murphy of New York has obained a dischcrge in bankruptcy. The break in the upper canal at Manchester. í. H., causes the mili to stop and make idle bout 10,000 operatives. Twcnty-four new caaes of yelïow fever were reported to the Memphis board of health n Tuesday, of which 16 were colored. This sa marked increase in the number of new asea, and plainly indicates that the fever is Bpreadmg. The Eoward association assigned 5 atlditional nurses to dnty, Their daily exjenses now aggregate nearly $500. Geo. Ziegler. wife and two daughters were poisoned at Wilkesbarre' Pa., Thursdav, by rinking coffee in which tartar emetic had ieen placed by some unknown person. They re in a precarious condition. The Ville Marie bank at Montreal baa suspended. Liabilities on billholders and deositors about .700,000. There was a run on he Hochelaga bank and the City and District avings banks, aud great excitement. As the depositors nearly all belong to the working lasses, ït is the most serious that has yet ;aken place. The deposits aggregate $3,000,00, and it is said tbat, considering a run invitable, the directors had taken every preaution beforehand to be prepared for it. HenryW. King, law partner of James Df'ay, who recently died by his own hand in )regon, cummitted suicide at San Francisco Vednesday night by morphine. His wife's ather had left his estáte to Mrs. King, o1 which King had charge. He left a note to his wife saying that he squandered the entire roperty, which was the reason of hia act. Twenty-two additional caeea of yellowfever, ï white, 14 colored, were reportcd to the iïemphis Board of Health Friday. Three additionai deaths occurred, Martin O'Leary, Ben . Aveot, J. MackliD, thetwo last colored. Maj. iT. W. Guy, a prominent merchant of Membis and New Orleane, late a member of the joard of pólice and fire commissions. was prostrated with The Howards placed hirty additional nursea on The f ever was declared epidemie Saturday and all abaentees wanied against returning to the city. A terrific explosión took place Saturday evening on the towboat Iron Valley, opposite Mew Cumberland, W. Va., 57 miles below Pittsburg. A second explosión ocsurred inmediately alter the firfit, throwing fragmenta of ;htï wreek for a great distance in all directions, destroyinej the entire forward part of the boat, including the pilot house. The pilot, Wise, the eaptain's son, Thos. Prince, a.nd a Mr. Prosser of New Cumberland are missing. The cause of the explosión is unknowa. Wra. H. Vanderbilt has just given for a gyni nasi um and the erection of a civil engineering and scientific hall on the gronnds of Vander bilt university, the sum of $10Ö,OCO. I'he Indianapolïfi tile works, one of the larg cfst n'auutacturing f fltablishmentsof that city was destroyed by fire Saturday night. Loss $30,000 to $40,000; insurance $30,000. A. D. Langstaff, president of the Howard aflhoeïation at jVlemphis, sent a telegram Satur day evening givingthe particnlars ol the con dition of that city. Total number of cases o yellow fever to that hour within the city lim itfi otncmlly recorded, is 330. Of this numbe 90 died. In addition there had been about 2 cases and iivedeaths of MempMs refugees lo cuted witl in six miles of the city. The diseas had not communicatcd to any of the surrounc ing towns on accouut of the rigid quarantine 'L'ne fever had increased in Memphis very per ceptible in the past 1( days, and was spreadin trom the original centers. We cannot hop for a discontinuance until the frost, At leas 30,000 persons had left, of which 12,000 wer located in campB Father Mathew and Marks situated four and nine miles respectivel from Memphis. At least 12.000 negroea wer in the city only 100 having gone to camp. Capt. John Seerest, mail contractor on th route west from Vinita, Indiau Tenïtory, wa found some 150 miles west of Yinita, a few days ago, murdered. A very violent storm passed over Madison Wis., and vicinity Btonday night. At Marshal rain and hail fel in torrents for twenty min utes. A large ainount of window glass wa broken, trees and ehrubbery lost all their fol age, the tobáceo erop is reported totally de stroyed, and serious damage to corn. Thehai varied in wize from that of small búllela t that of hen'a egga. The charcoal burners' assooiation, nuaibcrng about two thonsand mofitly Italians workng about thirty miles north of Etu'eka, Nevaa, struck tor higher wnijes. They refused to low teams to load i r bring them back to wn,and defied the sheriff and posse. The overnor ealled out threecompanies of militia 'hey left Eureka by special train Monday ight. The water-spout which last week swept hrough Buctouche, ünt., caused the death of -wo women and a child, and tho serious iniury f a number of persons. Kighty houses were eveled and stook killed and scattered. Loss stimatcd at one hundred thousand dollars. Twenty-nine new cases of yellow fever were eported to the board of health at Memphis, unday, 12 whitcs and 17 coloied and 2i cases n MoDday, twenty whites and fourteen colred. At a meeting of the executive comrnitee Monday afternoon a comraittee of thrc e vas appointed to confcr with various minisers regarding the propriety of cloBing churchs and discouraging any large public as?emjhes which are calcnlated to spread jellow ever. A case of yellow fever was reported to he health officers of Louisville on Mondny, nd the victim, a youug doctor named Edward M. Morman, was immcdiately taken to ;be yellow fever hospital. Mo:man had travled through the afliicted district and, about ,en days ago, he carne np from Brandenburg on a river packet. A board of officers, to consist of Lieut. Gen. R. Shcridan, Brig, Gen. Geo. Crook and Jol. J. C. Davis, has been ordered to convene n Chicago for considcring and correcting the lifferances of opinión relative to the actual positions ana movements of troops engaged in ihe battle of Chickamauga. Twenty-two new cases of yellow fever were reported to the board of health at Memphis [■uesday, 10 of whom were colored. A private etter from Corintb, Miss., dated 4 A. M., Augist 11, says that a perfect stampede of citiens was in progresa, owing to the illness of he mayor and president of the board of healtb, who are supposed to be sick with yellow fe'ver. Phey were attacked with sudden illness Sunday night, and, m the opinión of the attending jhyBicians, their sickness is yellow fever. lt s thought that their coming in contact with citizcns fleeing from Mempbis at the quarantine station caused the infection. People were fleeing to the country, but many farmets hadauarantiiied asrainst them and t.vow ... The stovc monlders of several foundries a1 Albany, N. Y., have struck for 2U per cent. advance on wages. American railway agents ore at Ottawa Canada, endeavoring to induce mtending emigrants to Manitoba to go to Nebraska anc Minnesota. The national board of health has the following dispatch from the United States Consul al Metamoras: Reliable information from Tmpico to August lsays: We have the yellow fever epidemie worse than New Orleans last year. People die like nies. A two story brick building wal destroyed at Bouth Bend, Ind., Tuesday morning. Mr. Case and wife, who liyod in the building, escapee by jumping from the second story and were seriously injured. Miss Lizzie CoIIíds, who roomed in the building, was suffocated to death.


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