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The Ex-prince Imperial's Prayer

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The following is the translation of a prayer written by the late prince. and f ound among the papers in his desk : My God, I give to thee my heart, out give to me faith. Without faith there is no strong prayer and to pray is a looging of my soul. 1 pray, not that tliou shouldst take away obstacles on my path, but that thou mayest perniit me to overeóme them. I pray, not that thou shouldest disarm my enemies, but that thou shciuldest aid me to conquer myself. Hear, Oh God, my prayer. Preserve to my aft'ection those who are dear to me. Grant them happy days. If thou only givest on this earth a certain sum of joy, take, Oh God, myshare and bestow it on the most worthy.and may the most worthy be my frends. If thou seekest verfgeance upon man, strike me. Misfortune is converted into happiness by the sweet thought that those whom we love are happy. Happiness is poisoned by the bitter thought; while I rejoice, those whom I love a thousand times better than myself are suffering. For me, Oh God ! no more happiness. Take it from my path. 1 can only find joy in forgetting the past. If I f orget those who are no more I shall be forgotten in my turn ; and how sad the thought which makes me say, "Time effaces all." The only satisfaction I seek is that which lasts forever, that which is given by a tranquil conscience. Oh my God! show me ever where my duty lies, and give rné strength to accomplish it always. Arrived at the term of my life, I shall turn my looks fearlessly to the past. Kemembrance will not be for me a long remóme, Then I shall be happy. Grant, 01 1 God! that my heart may be penetrated with the conviction that these whom I love and who are dead shall see all my actions. My life shall be worthy of their witness, and my innermost thought shall never make them blush.


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