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DETEOIT, HILLSDALE AND SOUTHWESTERN RAHROAD. To take efleet May 25, 1879. GOING WEST. ÖOINO EA8T, tations. Mail. Bxp. ; stations. Exp. Mail A. M. P. M. Ypsilanti.... 8:25 7:10 : A' M' p' " Toledo June. 8:45 7:30 liankere 5:00 2:25 Saline 9:25 7:50 Hillsdale ... 5:30 2:35 Bridgewater .. 9:47 8:12 Manchester.. 8:30 4:11 Manchester. 10:22 8:37 Bridgewater 9:00 4:30 P.M. Saline 9:50 4:47 Hillsdale 1:00 10:25 Toledo June. 10:10 4:57 Bankere 1:10-10:35 i Ypsilanti... . 10:35 5:15 Trains run by Chicago time. W. F. PARKER. Sup't, Ypsilanti. 1Y"ANHOOJL: How J-ost, How Kestored #Just published, a new editiou of Dr. Cul vebwell'h Celebrated Essay on the radical cure (without medicine) oí Speb matorrhcea or Seminal Weaknesa, Invol untary Seminal Losses, Impotency, Mental ain Physical Incapacity, Impedimenta to Marriage, etc. also, Consumption, Epilepsy ünd Fits, induced by self-indulgence or sexual extravagance, &c. The celebrated author, in this admirable Essay clearly demonstrates, from a thirty years' success tul practice.that the alatming consequenees of self abuse may be radically cured without the danger ous use of internal medicine or the applicatiou o the knife ; pointing out a mode of cure at once sim ple, certain, and effectual, by nieans of which every suflercr, no matter what his condition may be, ma; cure himself cheaply, privately, and radically. .&ë" ThisLecture sliould be in the hands of every youth and every man in the land. Sent iree, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any address. Address the Publishers. The Culvervvell Medical Co., 41Ann St., New Yobk; Post Office Box, 458ÍJ. GRAY'S SPECIFIC MEDICINE. TRADE MARK.TheGreatEn_rRADEWRK. Jan unfailingcure mföU % for Seminal Ipfil Eefore TaHngLe088 of Memory, After Tabg. Univeral Lassitude, Pain in the Baek,Dimnesa of Vision, Premature Oíd Age, and many other diseases that lead to Insanity, Consumption and a Prematnre Grave. 4S= Full particulars in our pamphlets, tvhich we desire to send free by mail to every one. The Speeiflc Medicino is aold by all Druggists at $1 per package, or six packages for $5, or will be sent by mail on receipt of the money by addresaing THE ÜRAY MEDICINE CO., No 10 Mechanica' Block, Dotroit Mich. =-Sold in Ann Arbor by all Druggists, and by druggists every waere


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