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1U -L.AVV ÏJiKÖ. ST opening, n first rntc lot ofLnw Books. 'Ót salj at the publislxrs pi ices, for COfh at fr Psrrt'S Bookstork. ne 15, 146, 270-if nnc, "Chattel Ulortgases, ST pnnte'land f?r tale at this oft'tve in nny umi luantiiv. tANN ARBOK T1IK nncfersigned baving ñurrhrscdihí : cstsofhis partner in -lie Mnrble Business. ' would infprrn i he inhnbhontsof ttiiéahd a.dJQininf r"ouRties. thaf ho roniinues ih.e huÁinraa nt útfi ' 'ild sfnnd in [Jpper Town. nenr t he Prcfbyreriön ' "'tuirc!. whorc ho wil) ftmnófbcivrfi lo on'pr, ( MoniiThcnts, (invc piones Tuint Slonc, Tablets, S;c. $c. Tlmse wislntiL' 10 bbraín nny nriiclc in liis line . of business wil] find !y callipg dial lie lias an assortment of White and Variëgated Marlilfi from the Ea6tcrn Mnrble Quirrica. which wili be wrouglit in Moderi siyle. iind pold at enstern prices, ftdding transporraiion only. Cali nnd gei 'heproof. J. M. ROCE W RUL; Ann Arbor. Jiily 8, 1840. - 27'2-Jy VilÉW STOVES! ■ AT VrSILANTl! -JO COOKJiNG & PAKI.OR STOVES. -"J jiist reci'ived. ly tlie Subyciiber, (inostly frnm Alliany) making a gond ÓMOr'ttrieni ol tho lat.-st aml Lest Kiiterni. whicli wi!l be sold al Lmc Prircs! not to be undersold this side Laks lürie! v Also, Crtj.per Furnitarp, CoiiMrpn Kp::!c.. v Holló w Ware of all sizcs. Stove Pipe, Sheet Iron, Zink, &c. .1 TIN WABE! Mnnufnetured. and constantly kcpt on hand „ which wíll alfo lie sold vorv low. P. S.- Piirchasers will' do well to cali nnd t! examine fot their own sa:iafacion. , v .. . T BROWN.. ( Ypsilnnti, J:ne20, 1846. 271tf ci JÜTTER LA TE THANNE VER! pHK-Subsrriber lina the plensurc of annoimb cing to tlu Public, tlint hn has just receiverl d rom New York, und oponed a choico und uciJ f sleeted assortinent of - n NÉW GOODS, cotisísiíng of '', Ory Goods, Groccries, Crockery, IlardI ware; Boots and Shoes, w 'liich he wUI sell at Very Low Trices for Readj V 'n.v' in Cash, or Produce. ■ rr Gasb or Goods wili bepaid for WOOL n anv w uaniities. ' ROBERT DAV1DS0N. Ann Arhor. June 10. I,c4í. G3 c __ Hats and Caps, i "N nll tlieir varieties. aleo Cnma. Sill; nnH aI . Gingliam Umbrellas. Suspender, rích Silk w enrrs and Cravats.. Silk, Linen and Kid Gloves ith every anide n that une can bo Imd at fair ces and wnrrnnfed to snit by .encím }-our " ishes by íetier or by callin at No 58, "Woodard Avepne, 3 doors north cf Doty's Auction 1 lom. Detroir. N. B. Ministers nnd Liberty men supplied pi a smal! advance from cost. 36-6m JAMES G. CRA.r. Chcap Kardware Store. J pHE Subscriber takes iliis method lo inform c L his oíd customers and the public gmcrallv ,- íatliestill continúes io keep a largeand general k ssortment of Foreign and Domesiic S( HARDWARE, CUTLERY, c. fi Alsor Spiko. Wrought. Cut and JJorbe Shoe ' ails, Glass, Sheet Iroii, JJocp Iron. Sheet and n ar Léad, Zync. Brígbt c-jkí' A nenlea Wre. Mosses Gates nnd Fnssoits, Mili Sawc. Croes Cu! ft nva. Hand nnd. VVood Back and Key s ole Saws, Anvüs. Vicos, Bellow9,Adzes,Coopr1 's 'I oofe, Drav.'ing Knivcs. Spoké Shaves. u ap Bare's, Cast Steel Augn'rs, Common Au! irs, Augur Bitts. Hollow Angurs. Steel and on Squares. Ground Pfasiér, Water Lime. er rindjStones, Potash.Caldronand Siiíjnr.Kettles'. "' ibie. Log. Trace and Halter Chaintf, Uroad. fc and and Narrow Axrs. Spirit and Plomb Lev( s, together with a general ossorimcnt of llolw Ware. svhich wijl be sold lo-.v for Cash o' iproyed credit at J 3, Jeílersan Avenue. V.. i erPs Block. R. MARVIN. Detroit, Jan. IGih. 18-JG. 24.-ly ■ _ p To Country iVIcrchaiils. rHE Subscribcr has constantly for sa'e .r good n.ortmcnt of heavv WOOLEN CLOTIIS, el! aflapfcd to the country market hích lie vill f II at wholcs-ile or rrtail. vr.r.y r.ovv. Culi and " e thcm at thc IVIaxrattan Stoiu;. W. A. RAYAIO.VD. ,"" o" r „ . loi -'-" J)ciroit. nriFOR SALE fn UIEAP for CASH, or every kind of .cru f try Produce, 10 (hl les. Bri'Ues,Hdrncs's, ,2C tes, Trwik Yuliscs,Carpetlius,$c. ■ f Uso n eood assoument pf Wmrt & Lashes, y,,! icli will be sold very low, and no rntMnke, nt cr COOK & RÖJÖiNSÓN'S. Lnn Arbor. August Í2. 1846. 'JTT-if . .SE Ij ook he en: f IH E Suliscriber ofors to sell Fortv Acres of jood Land in the County of LvíiiííIiii - lsnd ïffümbërei ;md wiibin ivv. "miles ui vliere a stcam Sa" miil is orectin Ten .-., ■snre clrared. nnd t ] i r; ; o ure itn ares moro . lyfor lorjuii;. 'J'here is a gbèd log-liousv sume fruit trees on the premist". The (%j is will bc liberal, and pnynicnt may bc öl e in carfienter'ii woik. luinlicr or n good i. Aii!y to the aiiliscribcr in Anti Arbor. i . _, , S. D. WOBtÊ. L n n Arbor. JLlyl?, 18-4 '3. ' 274 12w 1. C. M'GRAW & CO , 'Jd, rencnV rcceiving thcir Fall Stock of j'."11 BootS & SÏÈ4KS J icli havo liecn sclcctcd with nnich caro for X VhoIcsiiIc Tra de. "'s Í1F.Y now rcspectlully requesl tlie MerHi.ims of Michigan and adjicnir Smk -í. i ■ ninc tlièii" exteiisiv'e slock v.'iiich will be so!d ury lovf prices.for msli or approved credit, ttj i n ix for tlic lust tifteen ycars sold more jf its at fetml ilcin any otlit;r IJoiwe in Rlichit;,;,, ilicv IüoI fullv persnaded that thcir selection vpi nn . qualtfu, and sii s', willsuii the wants w.,, he people. ,lo n, hnir smek of Leatlicr nnu Findinss is also pleie. 'he rctnil (rade contmurs ns usunl on the flrpt r, Corner of Jkvterson ani Woorw.iRu :-(jw. A V. C. McGRAW, & CO. ' etroit, Am. 23, Í846. 21.-ly '" ' ccjStty orders." _ HE higliest price paid in cash by G. V. Lcw rt' Exchnnge Broker, opposite the Insur! Hank, Detroit, for orders on nny of ihe 7 iti3 in the State of Michigan; nlso (bï Sfaia ate rities of all kinds and uneurrent lunds Cali cliir SM. Am 'cc 1, 1645. 241-tf J