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The Secret Of Beauty

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The secret of beauty is health. Those who desire to be beautiful should do all they can to restore their health if they have lost it, orto keep it if they have it y et. No one can lay down specific rules f or other people in these matters. The work which one may do, the rest he. must take, his bathshisdiet,his exercise are matters of indivual considffiougRto1r'a'ná'WvíP?í0llí-a.refully rule,when a person feels well he looks well,and when he looks bad he feels bad as a general thing. There are times when one co'üd guess, without looking in the glass.'that his eyes were dull and skin was mottled. This is :iot a case for something in a pretty bottle from the perfunier's, or for the lotion that the circulars praise so highly. To have a fresh complexion and bright eyes, even to have white hands and a graceful figure, you must be well. Health and the happiness that usually comes with it are the true secreta of beauty.


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