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Politics In New York

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By all odds the most unpopular candi5ate balloted forin tho Bepublican conTontion at Saratoga on Wodnesday, Aloiizo B. Cornell, reeoired tho nominRtion for Governor. He is thfi special ppnHentativo of "machine politics," fndineapablofor the want of intellectual nhility to follow in the line of New Tork's eraincntly historio exocutives. - Inberiting a fortune it melted like snow ju sn April son. Years ago he becarae A banVrupt through snost extravagant ponl hnbits. Likc many other mon nll0 to manage their own tiïïirp, ho ouceiroo hirnself capnble of caring fo tho intsrosts of miliion of poople. If tftero bas been a doubt of the re nomintion of Gov. Eobinson, that doubt is Timoved. 40,000 Kepublicans will vote for Robinson. New York is aafe this fall notwithstanding Tammany's threatening attitude, The key to the preaidential election is safely in our hands provided proper vigi lance be ezercised. A.s if tte ticket was not suiEciently handiespped (t ita head by an obnoxious nominee, the tail ia completed by the nomination of Howard Soule of Syra cae for Engineer and Surveyor, the direct representa tive of the eanal thieyes ■rhose headquarters are in the oentral city. Both ends of the ticket are an ingnlt to the botter poxtion of the Eepublican party. AU are doomed to defeat. Benator Conkling presided and made the " greatest effort of his life" excopting of course the effort at retreating under the nfluence of Sprague's loaded ehotgun.


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