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As man oever worked before Hon. Jumes G. Blaine is laboring to save Maine. Himself cbairman of the state oommitteeeince 1856, he has been happy In proclaiining victory year afte year tmtil last autumn. His politioal futnre, as well as that of Hamlin, Hale and others depends on this election. There is hardly a school honse within her bor ders that bas not resounded with the voices of stump speakers. Blaine peronally superintends the canvass, speaking twioe a day, often, and riding during the night to fill appointnients in remóte regions of the state. Blaine and Hamlin have tired out the voters of Maine by their persistent seeking for office. Hale was thrown overboard last year, nd according to Oarfield who haa been sturaping the state, the prospects are these oíd politicians will be tioketed inio oblivion. It is time. The Greenbackers of New York met in TJtica last week snd opened their conTentioa in the (wildest confusión. An insignificant personage, Harry Lewis, ■ws nominated for Governor, the remaining n Ominees being of the same kind. ThiB party polled 70,000 votes last fall, but in thecomingcanvass it is estimated the vote will be inside of 10,000. It has gone to pieces for want of leaderíhip. Those that pretended to lead have old out so often, proving recreant to their trust, that the honest portion have become utterly disgusted and returned to their former faith. To Bhow the inSSlÜefT' a"dyed-in-the wool bondholding, railroad monopolist and Tammanyite was firet nominated for Governor. - Had it not been for gome honest delegates who saw the convention was bout to be sold out and demanded an out-and-out Greenback ticket, the gatharing would have proved to have been one of the greatest farce on record. The Detroit Mail, a penny daily died on Tuesday af ter an exigtence of thirtyfJve day?, losing money for somo one, the owners notpossessingany. Thisiaone of many similar experimente by persons envious óf newspaper glory, who, untrained, and generally without capital, believe they can succeed in making money in the newspaper business, if they are unable to succeed in other occupations. To 6ucceed in building up a newspaper requires brains and skill or, the money to buy them. A trial is necessary to tisfy some, however, of theae truths. Robinson will be re-nominated and e-elected Governor of New York, despite the opposition of Tammany. The more Tweed's successor and his allies oppose him, the stronger he becomes in the country, where he can secure a inajority of votes that will elect him. He is toogood a taan, and saved the state too much money by his vetoe of dishonest treasury raiding bilis to be driven out of the field by a horde of office holders and office Beekers, who know nopoliticallaw ■ave the orders issued by their boss. Anothei serious charge rises against Mr. Tilden. When Cyrus W. Field was unable to uuload a portion of elevated ülway stock upon Yanderbilt, he Bought out Mr. Tilden, who believed it good investment and acted accordingly. At a time when he thought he oould 8ell to advantage he placed his ïtock on the market, clearing one million of dollars in the transaetion. This is ttnother reason why Mr. T. shouldn't be le-nominated for president. For the wonderful low prioe of $3,50 tickets will be issued by the Grand Tiunk Raüroad agency at Detroit, toToronto and return, valid untü the 15th of Sep., inclusive to those wishing to visit the TorontoIndustrialExhibition. Pullman, baggage and smoking cars accompany the trains. Tbe excitement in California over tho shooting of Kalloch by DuYoung hag ■omewhnt abated. Prospect of recovery ha induoed cnief justiee Wallace to adaait the prisoner to bail in $25,000. ïïiohols, the vice-president of the Butler party of Massachusetts, is the man who, at last year's Republican convention, moved the unanimous noruination oi Gov. Talbot. TUe official raajority of Bluckburn for Governor of Kentucky is 44,9Cy. Pour years ago the Democratie majority was 30,181. Heudrick is guing to givo Ewing a lüt xu übio beioxo caxivass closes.


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