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-Services willbe rosumedin the TTnitarian cburch next Sunday morning. - Preaching by the Pastor on "Our work for tho coming year." No evening service. Company AreturnedTuesdaynoon, ftnd somewhat unoxpectedly. Arrangements had boen made to give tliem a recoption but the rain and premature arrival prevented. - David Henning of Chicago has contracted with a firin in this city for a monument to be placed in Forest HUI cemetery, eight feet square at the base and 30 feet high, at a cost of about $4,000. -At the mission festival of Bethlehem Lutheran church on Sunday, Eevs. Gensler of Freedom, Wehrheim of Manöfcester, Spathelf of Elyria, Ohio, Zimmermann of Cleveland, and Andrés of northeru Michigan, wero present. - Gov. Ashley writes a Toledo paper that contrary to the statement of Detroit papers, the Toledo and Ann Arbor railroad has never been offered for sale by him, either in Detroit or elsewhere, nor will it be, so long as he remains at its head. - The annnal mission festival of Zion Lutheran congregation took place at the chuich. on Sunday last. Eevs. Doofler of Bridgewater, E. Schmid of Columbus, Ohio, and the pastor Bev. Mr. H. F. Beleer were present and addressed the audienco. - The M. E. conference to meet in this city noxt week compriseR two hundred and fifty clergymen aside from more or less laymen who usually attend. The conference district includes the upper península and all east of the Jackson meridian. Mr. Louis J. Lie3emer, late of the Siline Standard and later of the Am Arbor Democrat, propoaes to test the mootcd question whether a Germán paper can be made a profitable entnrprisf iu Washtenaw county. He expects to liunch the DU Washtenawer Post on the sea of local journalism about the first of nextmonth. It will be a five column qaarto and issued on Saturdays. -Prof. A. B. Palmer of the Medical Department of the University, writes frorn England that the diplomas of the dental schools of Michigan University and Harvard are alone recognized in that countiy of all the American dental colleges. Graduates of these two colleges are allowed to comnly with the regulations in regard to registration and ongage in the practioe of their profession. - During the gale of wind on Monday fternoon the sut, dust and dirt combi ned and preaented an appearance of Stnoke issuing from the chimney near where the late fire broke out on the University. Janitor Fitzgerald hurriedly notified Steward Bennett who asceu; - ed to the roof, the wind blowing so hard that, unable to maintain his position upon one of the trusses upon which he had mounted, jumped, andiu thefall sprained hi9 right ankle. Eugineer Carrington, supposing another fire about to break out ran to the furnace, and, to promptly put the water works into operatiou, poured some alcohol upon the wood which taking tire followed the 8tream to his hand burning it and the arm quite badly. E vent of the season : Ben. Watt social at the Opera House this evening. The following are some of the attractions : Prof. Mills' orchestra from JackBon, consisting of 24 persons. Miss Alia Wiso will iecite " Kentucky Belle," w'iich is one of the fiuasi piecos. Miss Wise's readings have been pronounced by good judges excellent. Mts. Allen Will favor the dudience with a fine song. Frank Hangsterfer personates Pauline Lucca. Fred Sipfley in his immense Germán recitation. Chas, M. Jones ajp'ears in negro character and recites " Whoa T)ah." E. Swarthout in a harmonie solo. Miss Adda Barrett, who is Hit excelled, will give a cornet solo. - Under provisions of the new liquor law that went into effect on Monday, a full license will cost $200 ; beer license $65. Licenses obtained prior to Monday can not be vitiated until they expire. Saloons are ordered closed at 10 p. M., anyhow, and a resolution adopted by the Council clothes the city government with power to close them at 9, or 0 ie hour earlier. The sale of liquor in rooms where billiards or other games are played, is prohibited. At the meeting on Monday evening the Council ordered the Marshal to enforce the law 1 dative to closing saloons, and the City Attorney and Marshall to enforce tho ordinance prohibiting the sale of liquor to students and minors. Steps were taken to suppress houses of ill-faiue and to piosecuto inmates upon the obtaining of sufficient evidence. Chief engineer Davison pr sented a Iengthy commuuication setting forth the needs of the fire department. Ha also suggested the adoption of some system of fire alarm telegraph, and that not less than two boxes be placed in each ward; the purchaae of a clieiiiical engine and 1,200 feet of new hose. Owing to the present condition of the finances but 500 feet was ordered purchased. Bills ainounting to f 1,3815 97 were audited. - Our military conipany returns frora ;in with the glory of havmg in its rnks the best markemen in the regiment. Ainoug tho feature of amusement in military camps is that of rifle practice at targets, teams from each company beingselected with especial reference to skill inshooting. The scoreof U inpany's A's team is as follows: 2OO YARDS RANGE. ffotal. Rt-vcnaueli, S. ]!., 4 424 4 - iS Manly, Chas. S., 3 3 4 3 5- iS Schuh.J. 1'" 3 4 .? 3 4-1 Broas, Fred 4 345 3-19 Bliss, Gilhert, 3 4 4 4 4-19 9' 500 YARDS íían'.i . Grand Total, total. Revemuurh 2 402 4 - 12 30 Manly o 500 2 - 7 25 Schub, 2, 434 5- iS 35 Bross, 2453 0-14 33 Ü11B6, 5 322 O - 1O 20 6l 152 The cup won by this team is on exhibition in the window of Bliss & Son 's jeweliy store, bearing this inscription : Thi Colonel's Cup i, M. S.T., Awardnd to the Company fnakin? the highest score :tt Refinmental Riñe Éra Aug. 3, 1876, to Co. )'; July, 1877, to Co. G. The cup is solid silver, and in order to becoine the prope.rty of a company must bo wou by such compauy in two coutosts. - An Adrián exchango gave the Ann Arbor cornpany 49, the Ypsilanti company 51 men, in camp. Theue figures do not include the officers. - Mr. A. L, Noble has returnerl from the city with a good assortment of gentlemens' fall and winter wear. Please observe the chango in his advertiseineut. - A boy of about fifteen years, possessing a fair knowledge of spelling and the ability to road ordinary manuscript, who can come weil recomuiended, can find an opportimity to learn the printer's trado under tuition of a practical publisher, by applying at once at this office. - Philip Baeh, W. D. Harriman and Patrick Donovan were re-nouiiuated tor the trusteeship of schools at a citizrns caucus, held on ÍYiday eveuing. One or two parties sought to defeat Juüge Harriman by plaoing another ticket in the field with the namo of John M. Wheeler in his place. This was done without consent or knowledge of Mr. Wheolor, who is one of onr most estimable citizens. Little excitement was manifestad about the polls, which when closed and votes counted doveloped this result : Bach 546, Donovan 536, Harriman 398, Wheeler 153. - The tinal aveards of contrasta for new buildings, etc, at the university are as follows : Museum building to John Wilke & Son, Chicago, $34,000; homeopathie hospital and amphitheater, to Wm. Beattv. of Adrián, $5.920. 70: US phitheater of uuiversity hospital, to Wm. Beatty, Adrián, $2,425; kitchen and dining-room addition to university hospital, to Dow & Gardner, Ann Arbor, $1,000. Daan ifc Co., of Detroit, are building the boiler house, which is woll under way and will be cotnpleted by the first of October. The museum building will be plaoed seventy-five feet south of the tnaiu building, thus leaving sufficient space for a future libiary building upon the southwest corner of the campus. The foundation for the kitchen and dining-room addition to the hospital is already laid. Work will be com menced immediately upon the other buildings.


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