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County clerk Clark is arranging and cleaning up oíd papera on record in his office, some of which make interesting reading matter at this time. The following letter from "Philander" of Sharon ig without year, but upon perusal it is safe to say was writteu late in the auttiian ot' 1840: êlCAROW, Jbo 14. Pkiend Drigkjs : - I improre this opportuuifcy to inforra yoa of ths Htto of matters and things in this tax-ridden, poverty-etricken country. The whigs have receutly had a supreme jollification in the Buckeye Btate in honor of the superannuated granny of Tippecanoe, and yeettrday some oight or ten sprigs of the aristocracy on their return from their pilgriniage to the land of hard eider had the audacily to insult tiard-handed farmers by bawling "Hurrah for Old Tip," as they passed the staunch Democracy. They were seen with their triinks in their laps eating their provisions by the way like a family of emigranta wending their way to tlieir log cabins. Af'ter gormandizing on the posteriora of a dead hog they threw a part of a kam and a loaf of bread to the dogs but forsooth the doga tiaving Democratie owners refused to eat the offals of eatables which had been in the clutchea of modern pseudo whige. PlIILANDER. The following documente, consents to marriage, omit the state. There being aeveral Covingtonsuit ia difficult to locate the proper one : Mr. Elijah Burgis- Sir : - This may certify that 1 freely give my consent :hat you 8liould have Hannah R. WebDer for jrour pardner if you are agreed. Miss Webber givos her oousent also. I want you to como and see us as soon as you can make it convenient. Give my compliniputs to Grant, Eliza and the rest of the.folks. Wm. Webber, B Webber. Covington, Oct. 31, 1831. Mr. Elijah Burgis- Sir : - As for the rest of thn fiuiiily we give out consent Freely. Hanaab as for the rost ot' the tarnily thtt oidor may dance in the liogtrough if thy are a niind to. But as for the invitation that you gave us we thauk you very much. So no more. Wm. C. Webder.


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