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Fredonia, Aug. 29. - The drouht exceeds that known in this towa for inany years. - An unusual large area of ground is prepared for winter wheat. - Henry Renau has his new house nearly finished, costing $757. - Wheat will average about twentyfive bushels per acre in Freedom. üirs. PfifKomoyor, wifo rjf rmr posfmaster left for Ontario, on Saturday to visit n cTaughter. - The Messrs. Staebler of Lodi threshed for David M. Finley of Soio 1646 bushels of wheat, 1514 of oata. - Like other towns as far ao we know the apple erop will not be more than one-eighth of last yoars produot. - Our meohanio, John Ess we are glad to know, is crowded with work in the wagon making and blacksmith line. - John Gardman wettt to Detroit with Mrs. G. to secure the beet medical ikill to relierc his wif guJforing from rbeumatic difficulty. - Michasl and Jacob Staebler among the best threshers, are working in this vicinity. Michael run the first engine used in this town. - Rev. Mathew Schaible of Brighton, troubled with hoinorrhage of tho lungs is temporarily stopping with his father-inlaw, John Shank. - Mr. Christian Kuebler 64 years of age, an old resident, died on Friday evening of dropsy of the heart. Ho had been in ill heath for a year or more. - There are five churches in Rreedom as follows : Catholic; three Germán Lutheran with clergymen Eev. John Bauman, Rev. Stephen Clicgman of Scio, Eev. Mr. Kensler ; and one M. E. ohurch. - On Thursday there was a picnic of Lutheran church Sunday Bchool scholars in Voglo's woodsnear Sil ver lake. They were addreesed by Eev. Mr. Kensler, the boys and girls 8ung, and altogether it was a merry time. - We can not boast of any large town in Freedom, nor any partioularly fine residences, but we claim to have a thrifty, industrious and quiet people, with an honest local governuient from Supervisor Feldkamp down to the commissioners of highway8. - Why clon't somo of your city people come out and enjoy fishing in our many lakes ? There is Joseph Lutz who will take caro of all who want to anglo in Pleasant lako, and if you can't get all fhe fish you want there, go over toCharley Vogles near Silver lake. - We have a widow lady in our town who has erected a good dweiling and carries on her farm as well as any of us. Beat that outside of Freedom if you can. Yes, in another portion of the town are three bachelor brothera, who live under one roof. Now, this don't look just right.