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- $875 ia to be expended on Clintou's M. E. church for repairs. - Representativo líuhn of Detroit has rosignod hia soat at, Laming. - Wm Rogors knooked the jailor at Marshall down and oscaped. - A movement is on foot to build water works in Báttle Creek. - Seven convicta only wero receivod at Jackson prison for August. - Gov. Croswell majries Misa Lizzie Musgrave of Charlotte, Sept. 13. -David Van Pelt of Dundee, is 101 yyars old, and " holds his age" wcll. - Thixtoen bilis for divorce were filed in Genesee County during August. - Marvin Ij. Gorten wis killed by a falling treo in the woods ner iiancolona-. - David II. Fountain of Aurelius, Ingham Co., euioided Saturday by uso of morphine. - Oliver Moyer, a farmer at Constantine,had his left hand torn off by a threshing machine. - Samuel Davison of Troy, was held in $300 bail charged with threatening to burn his father's buildings. - The new freight houso of the Toledo and Anti Arbor Railroad at Toledo is in rapid procoss of completion. - A courity reform club convention has been called in Lenawoe, to establish unity, and for consultation. - A 14 year old girl was obsorved imeidng on one of tho mo3t publio cornois of Adrián the other day. - Alderman Een Porter, of Jaolrson, owns a coal mine in Colorado, and has gono there to begin operating it. -Dr. H. F. Delos, of Battle Creek, has suod J. S. Cole for $1,000 damages, for siiying he was an abortionist. - Michael MoKinley was shot throngh the heart by Minnio Porter in a Detroit bagnio on Thuraday of last week. - Marshall people are raising a fund for taking the stumps and snags out of the Kalamazoo river at that point. - The tornado of Monday upturned tents of the first regiment encampuient and demoralized things generally. - Dr. Andrew Blake of Howell, who has lived in that place for'30 year3, has beau held for trial on a charge of abortion. - Port Hurón has no city government, its obligations araunpaid, and for the tima being it is practically bankrupt. - While attending sf.ate fair in Detroit, President Hay es and Mrs. Hay es will be gueats of Congressman Newberry. - One-half of the business men of Grand Rapids have failed, and the other half a?e awaiting a profitablo opportunity. - By the breaking of a bolt David Morse was knocked from a threshing machine tr.ble at Grand Blano and fatal - ly injured. - Anna Stettin of Morenci, in addition to the charge of seduction agaiust W. G. Germán of Jasper, wants $3000 for failure to marry her. - A notorious criminal, Asa Palmer alias Froderiok Casdorf, diod ot' congestive chills in Pontiacjail, and wasburied iii the potter's field. - Eight military companies, the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Jacknon, Monroe, Toe" utnseh, Adrián, Lansing and Masón, wero in camp in Adrián. - Business men of Coldwater held a meeting on Wedneaday evening of last week to see what could be done to arrest the tide of downward trade in that city. - Stephen Chavis, a coloree! man, and Mrs. 8uan Brr, a whita woman, wore afrested íe Battle Croek on oharge of adultery, and taken to Siüson for examination. - A Port Huron paper distinctly charges a member of the school board of that city being the paid agent of a firm of school book purchasers, and with working to get his booka introduced into tho schools. - A matter was referred to the Pope from tho Civtholic church at Marshall, and his reply has boon received written in Italian - so they suppose - and not a man, woman or child can be found in that city who can read it. - Anine-years-old boy named Johnnie Eastman, residing at Fort Gratiot, feil under tho cars at the Grand Trunk depot in such a manner as to have his head and rignt arm cotupletely Bevered. He was gathering old iron when it happened. - The Jackson Patriot says : It is reported that the Sun, a Groenback weekly published at Detroit, will soon be Consolidated with the Legal Tender of this city, the new paper to bo issued from the office of Palmer & Co., and to be under the editorial management of Mr. Mather of tho Sun. - The wife of Rev. H. C. Peck, methodist iwütor at Niles, who two monthsago suffered entire paralysis of the right sid, is now perfectly helplos3 and speechless, it. baing with the greatest difficulty that she makes known her wants. Sho seems woll otherwise, and is froe from pain. - The case is a peculiar and very distressing one, and tho alflicted family have universal sympathy.


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