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"Mother," said Mary, "I can't make Ilenry put his íigures as I teil lüni." "Be patiënt, my dear and do not speak so sharply." "But he won't let me teil him how to put the figures, and he does not know liow to do ithimself," said Mary very pettishly. "Well, my dear, if Henry won't learn a lesson in (igures, suppose you try to teach him one in patience. ïhis is hard to teach and harder to learn than any lesson in ligures; and pei haps, wiien you have learned this, th otlier will be easier to both." Mary hung her head, for she fel that it was a shame to any little girl t be fretted by such a little thing, or in deed by anything ; and she began t think that perhaps she deserved to b blamed as well as Ilenry. A fretful, impatient child make himself and all about him very ui happy. Will you all try and learn lesson of patience? It is a very curióos fact, well estal lislied by scientiüc examination, tha white butterflles prefei white ftowei to light upon, and yellow butterllie prefer yellow or colored ones.


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