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Proved To Be False

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Not so niuch í' late but for many years afior the formation of tho Republiean party, its leaders were wout to asbert ou and off the rostrum, that it contained the niorality and the temporánea letnenta of the body politie. Thiu was uttered so often and so porsistently that ♦hat party carne to believe it fot a time ; but as years moved apace, thia tri te saying lost its vpplioation through the acts of many who led and shaped its policy. During the rebellion, tho north was so jiently engnged in conquering the ■nth that notorious'y imuaoral Republin leaders wtrn sustained without iftion n to tVeii charactera. Morton tfk "great war governor" of Indiana, notoriout as a deSanckr of women, was Eepnblican of unquestioned loyalty. Carpenter, the etalwart senator from Wisconsiu, loyal to the core, always lifting his stentorian voice in favor of the prostrate Afrioan, wag forced to withdraw from public lite until his flagrai.t yiolation of marital law in a New York hotel blew over. Thero is Beecher ttie most loyal of the loyal ; it is unnecessary to reoount wby he "wisiied Le was dead" or how ho canie to sit on tbe "raftged edge." Kalloch, dismissed from Boston congregation because of irregnluritiea with females, was never, uutil late dato tinythins hnt a TÍRpuliliean. None the lesst was Thaddeus Stevens who cried aloud over the horrors of concubinage in the southern states, himseli living in open eoncubinage with an Af rican wench. Bhall we forget the wily, old Penusylvanian, Cameron, whose trial for breach of promise and consoquent scandal, is fresh? And lastly, Lord Eoscoe Conkling ! Who, more than he has denounced the Democratie party as the embodiment of all that is vile 'i From first to last, the rebel hosts led bj' oonfederate brigadiers, have met bis defiant thrusts ; he out-did all in anathematizing his political enemie3 and winning the plaudits of hia friends. Who that is familiar with the Sprague scaudal of years stending believe him an innocent man ? More than this is the aduiitted fact that the departments at Washington, occupied by females who, ecuring position through influenüal Republicana, pensioned upon the n&tional treasuiy, are more or leas yialding to whorn they ovve their place. What has this party done to oblitérate the shameful practices daily carried on in Utah ? Polygarny livos and flouriahes under the shadow of federal bayoneta, nd no effort during nineteen yeava of Republioan administration has been made to root out thia " twin relie of barbarism." Shakeristn has bid defiance to legislatures of New Eugland states; the Oneida community moves on undisturbed by a Eepublican legislature. With aniplö power to blot out these immoral oiganizations, they have been let alone. Is it any wonder, therefore, the assertion that the Eepnhlican as the party of morality has ceased to be heard in tbe landl If tnere ever was a pretence for we claim, oaseu upon ma uiinsiest toundtion, time haa proven it to be false; leaders, those to whom the great mass iave been acoustomed to look for idea?, and who have moulded ita policy, have, by their flagrant and ahameful hypocriy brought disgrace upon the party to which they owe a grateful indebtedness. It is with pride we draw the contrast fcttween the stntesmen of pretences, tnd tkof withoat prtnc to ïaorstlity. ÍBM th ladn ef th Durnocracy, Who atscmg th nuuibtr kav fallen Btiên Vh% ban of auspicien f Mr. Tildan, nearly half a centurr in public life, ia without a stain npon his private character. What scandalous fioger ha. ever been lifted toward Seymour ? Who haa oharged Bayard, Hendricka, ThuTman, Ijamar, Gordon, with indi3cretions ? Why is it these statesuien, leaders of a party credited by our opponenta wi th being the party of immorality and intemperance, atand forth in such favorable coatrast to Morton, Beecher, Couklinj, Btevena, &c. How is it with temperance? What has the Eepublican party done for it V The legislatures of the northern gtates havo been pretty unanimously RepubHoan since this party'a iuception. In what one save Maine, is there a prohibitory law ? Prohibitionists long ceased to take stock in the Republican as the temperance party. Many years they gave it their votes until afte repeated trials it was discovered to be no friend of prohibition, for, with ampie legislativo power it invariably refused to enact a prohibitory law. The only law of this kind in Michigan was enaeted by a Democratie and repealed by a Eepublican legislature. The Advent preacher, Munson, who performed the marriage ceremony for hiniself and a fair naaiden in his congregation in such theatrical tashion a few weeks ago, ia in the hottest kind of hot water. The Massachusetts authorities have " by the heels" in jail for violation of tho marriagH law whieh permita only memberg of the Society of Prienda to marry themselves. A lawful wifa f rom the Wust haa put in au ap pearauce with prosecution for bigauiy written all over her countenance. And to crown all, the fair and enthuaiastic maiden whom he undertook to make hiown has not only deserted him, but threatens to sue him for cutting off her lüxuriant tresses, as she fears, for tho purpose of salliug them. Is Detroit a sovereign power within aertelfS In defyiag tbe law of the state, compolling saloons to close at 10 P. M., tho Common Council, by passim; n ordinauce permitting thom to keep open untii miduight, seta it-wlf up as a power above that of tho common wealth. The next thing will be seeessiön, and - perhaps Gov. Croswcll %vi!l eall on the military to enforce the law in our metropolis, lloro is an oxhihitiou of state t?ht8 in Dr. ChandW tt-rritory. What is ho goiug to do about tP Ohio's hot oanvassisexpected kobrftig out G75.000 of tho 700,()Uü voters in that stato.


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