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One Villain Unprovided For

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Amung tho distinguisiied vilUiua af the Louisiana Returning Board ia cff anavo, who thus f.r, alone of his confederatea in crime tinpnraíleled, has not beun provided for. Tbis scountlrel has been hanging about Wasiiiugton f or poBition and the President, ülthoiigh enjoying a brief term of honor as chiof ex eculive of this repnbJic throngh the tuanipulution of LouiMur.a's vote by this perjured thief, declines to repay him with an office. Gasaiiare does not understand why he should be lof! out in the cold as the band otherwiae have been proviüed for as follow: Madisoa Wells, survcvor of N. O $ J.500 AIcx. Wells (son), dcptlly .3,500 S. S. AVrlls (.son), deputy. ijOo R. D. Rodensoc (Son-inrlpwl !epnt ixx T. C. rson, deputv roIiectoT of N. O 3,000 Arderfton (son), cferk i,oo Een BloomticM (hrother-in-Iaiv) clcrk 1,00 Olhcr velativei of Anderson, fiyc; is all 3.7OO L. O. K'.-nncr, drni'ty narl oSiccr N. O ijo .Mcx. Kenner (bi ,lhr) ,, Kichaid Kenner (brother) 600 Totr'l r.nnu:il s;ilary $0,240 Look at this list of rewards for the job of stealing the votes of a state whioh gave Packard, candidato for Governor, 2,000 inore votes than Hayen, and yet Packard was not elected, but Hayescarried the state. For Packard's submiBsion he has been rewnrded by the Liverpool consulate. The administration having pai.l off its iudobtodnesa by providing enug burths with good salaries for all the above villains, Casanave rightly comes forward and demanda his portion of the swag. We will see whether the fraudulent Presidnn whoae title to thechair resta upon a forged deedsigned by Gasanave dure unheed his request much longer.


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