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Eveiv one f cur re;icU:rs viaiting the State Fair at etroit, without exception, sliould not a I to visit the immense and elegant rmnituie warerooius of C. Wflber, the idest establishment in the city. It is .:ated just off tin; C.tmpus Marti tis, ín. 141, 143,itül 145 Woodwardarenue, in 'he vcry center of all tbe beautiful city's attractiorip. The low ratos of railroad fare offered will induce many to visit the city for purposes otlier than seeing the display at the Pair. We ar6 confident that those who are thinking of buying turniture or upholstery of any nind cannot do better than risit these w:irerooms. If you do not wish to pur. c'itw. vou will be shown every coirte?y. O. Weber deeires us to say that a special iiisplav of' turniture will be made daring State Pair weck, anl we advis yon, one nd all, to see it. The store wül be open eveniuga as well as durint,' thv day - 1 1 -i 1 1 Our attention has been called to the vausual opportunity offered this fall for th purchase of watches, especial ly thos oí Americn manufacture. The eharp corapetition betwecn the Elgin and Waltham Companiee has brought their goodg down to a price far below that at which they ar ucuaUy old and which will no doubt b onlr toniporarr. Messrs. Boehm A Wribt Detroit, whoe tore i located on the Campus Martina, Opera Houm Block, corner of Woodward Tenue, ar headquarters for theae goods, and thei facilitie for buying are such that they ars able to ofier thcm at bottom prices. We are informed that a customer rarely leave their store without purchasing. Oor This Out.- The State Fair beging laortly and will take hoste of our people to Detroit When there, attending th Fair (as mort of our readers will be, or will try to be) they can with profit follow our advice and accept the following: They re pecially invited to yiit the National Shoe House, 127 Woodward avenue, near the City Hall. The stock of fine good displayed there will repay the innpection of Tisitom, and etrangers will be mad welcome, whether they wish to purchaa or not. Buyere will be attracted by th rery low fljjurea for really first-clasa goods. Mr. Gladwin and his clerks will be found courteoua and attentive. We advine our readers to cali at the ÏTutional by. all mean. To ornt Readers Vibiting Detroit. -The large number of our readers who will attend the State Fair should be advised of the inritation extended them by Jas. Nall & Co., the eminent carpet dealers, of 154 and 158 Woodward ayerme, to Tisit their mammoth establishment Housekeepcrs, especially, will appreciat thi opportunity of yiewing the latest tyles in carpeta, cortain, lambrequins, etc. The firin has wide reputation in their line, and their etock will be fonnd full and varied. Whether you wish to buy or not, the tempting dinplay will be laid Wore jou by the conrteous clerks, and you will bt thanked for the cali. A vUit to thi establishment íLould by no means be omitted. C. J. Whitney, 40 Fort etrert Went, Detroit, invite evcrybody to yisit his mnaic house during the State Fair and has proyided for the occasion a stock of orer 500 piano and organs from the celebrated factorieii of Chickeiing A Soné, llallet & Davis, Haine Bros . J. Eirtcy & Co., and many other standard makers, besidea an enormouajitock of musical merchandise, heet mnaic and music books, A. Leoomte A Co.'i celebratod band instrumenta, and in fact everything in the musical line. Mr. Whitney will be glad to show all through hia warerooma, whetlier they wish to purchaae or not. He tells us he cun ell gool pianoi for f50.00 and $100.00 and fine organs for $30.00 and $50.00, and we haTe no doubt of it, a a man who can pay cash for 500 instrumente at one time nhould poesega a decidod advantage over hii competitor. A Rare Opportünitt. - To those attending the State Fair in Detroit next week, a rare opportunity in offered. Taking adïantagc of the low rates of faif u_pon the railroada many will visit the city for purpose other tlian yisiting the Fair, while those who visit the Fair will also, many of them, btiy souvenirs to carry home with them. The Eussell House Bazaar, on the Campus Mnrtius, i just the place for our readers to visit for thia purpoeo. Toys, picture frame containing Tery fine picture, jewelry, nick-nacks of all kinds, and bric-a-brac is offered here at exceedingly low prices. You will be urprisod to find how many and what beautiful things a dollar bill will purchase. Eyoryone of our readers, during State Fair vreck, are spccially inviwd to visit thls establishment whether they wish to pnrehase or not. It is a Fair in itaelf, and rankB almost as a part of the Main Building the Qnrtennial. Visit it by all jeen&


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