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- The President gels bout n bushei of letters dnflj, from all aorts of psople, on all eorts of subjects. - Mrs. O. Tan De Mnrk and family bTo rooTed to Ann Arbor, in order to enjoy tho (irantagea of the universiiy, - Clinton News. All wool eashmares at Bach & Abel's, 20 pRr cent. oheapor thaa any othor hoase in tho city. Keal and icnitation laces of all kinds ftt Each & Abel's. The lnrgrest stock of fancy bnttons in the cotinty will be fonnd at Baoh & Abel'g. An immense stock of blank andcolored silk Telrets at Baoh & Abel's. Thelrimming that ladiesare inqniring for now re Pekín stripe satine. Bach & Abel haT6 all colora. New arrival of Fine Groceries at the City Tea Store, twodoors eagt postoffice. Fresh Teas and Coffeea a specialty. Cali and see. M. D. L. B ranch. rjlAKIJN IIP, Carne into my enelosure on Sadirday evening, Sept. 6, 1H79, a three year old brown colt. The owner is requested to cali, prove property, pay charges, and t;ike said colt away. J. JEDELE. Scio, Sept. 9, 1879. 37wí FIFTYGTS. TO WHITMORE LAkFi Citizen of Ann Arbor ahonld remember that the passender fare to Whitmore Lake via Brighton stage is only FIFTY CENTS. It is unnerepsiirT to hïre a vz t imme ,i =- l tor yon can take the Brighton ütnitt at the Leonard }Iouae at 10 i. m. on Tnesdays, Tliursdavs ant Sntnrriaya, ïetiirningon Mondays, Wednesdavs and Fridajs. This slag rune regularlr and can accommodate Bix persons. 0. H. 8MITH, Proprietor, Ann Arbor, July 2-t, 1879. Real Estáte for Sale. OTATE 0Y MICHIGAN, COUNTT Kj of In the matter of the eatate of .athnn Biizard, deccasetl. Notice i hereby giren, thatin piirsonnce of an O'der granted lo the undcraigned adniinislrator of the istate of said cleceaseil. bjr the Kon .Tudije of Pvobiite tbr the eounty of W&shteoaw, on tlie ninth day of July, A. I). IS9, there will be sold at public rendue, to t'ne hisrliest bidder, at tlie late residenceof 8iid dccemfd In the lownsliip of I'ittsfield in thecountj-of Washtena in uld i-tule, on öatotïdat, the TwfnttnnH dít of Octobkr. a. D. 1S79, at ten o'clock in i he forenoon of thut day(inbject to all encn.itbrootMbymortKage or otherwiso f:.istin at the tim' of th death of said deceased) the followin flescribed real rstate. tn wit: üefrinninic at a poinT k the wet sfde of cetina numberfimrin thetownshlpof l'ittsñild. n the countjr of Washteuuw in Michigan, ninetecn chains and BeveutT-uine linki froni thu noi tV.vvest corner of aid secl i'on, runninothencc north eiiil:' v-seven deneea and flfty miii utes ciist tbree ehaina and thirty-six links to a Btake onc chain and twenly sevcn linka from a cherry tree tn iuehen io diameter whih beara aouth eRht-ieTcn degrees ivt,thcnce south two degren east flftr-four links, thenco sonth eBhtynine deuren and ten minutes east six cliaina aml eighty-eisrh linka to a ttake thirty-.iix :ind a half link from an iiiiplü tree fltieeu inéheê ia diameter whieh lau sonth twt'nty-ei;ht dejreos west, : sonlh sixly-eight degree east one cbain and eighty-sem links, thenc south eifrlit y-fonr de({reee tast four chaina aud fifty-1'our links to the interseclion of two ditches thence simth six deïrees Mal eieren claim and Iwaatjr-tiro hnki to the recoftnlsed eaat and vest qnarter line, thence west on the qnartor line snTfiiieen chainn and twentjlinks lo the reconiziid qnaner stake, thence north on the section line thirtcen clminsaml filty links to the plnce of bejrinninjr, nnd coutaining twenty-one ' fteres of land more or less. Dated, Sept. 0, 18"9. : BENJAMIN E. NICHOLS, Administrator. ' lístate of John M. Schaiblö. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTT 0 oí Wavhlenav, Bs. Ata session of the Probate CoartforthcCountyof Waihtenaw, holden ut the 'íob.ite Ónice in the oity of Vnn Arbor, on Thursdnj-, the elere:ith dnj of September, in the yeur uTif thousand et"ht hundred and aeventy-nine. Present, William D. Harrimun, Judge of Probate. ín llie ínatter of the estáte of John' M. Schaible deceased. Michael Alber, administrator of said estáte comes into court and represent Ihat he is non prepnrud to rcnder his final uosount as uuch iidminis1 rator. Thereupon It Is ordered, that Saturday the fonrth day of Octnber ncxt, at ten o'clock in the '!"" I"' anlcned tot examtnlng and alliming such account, ana that (he helrs at law of sald deeeased, and all other penóos i ntcrestcrl in said etate, are requíred to sipnear at a sesior. of naiñ '"ourt, ti'.ori to be ho];l;Mi al the Probate Office Id the iv níAiin Arbor in sald countj, anrl show cause ii au? therebe.why the said aceonnt should not te nllowed: Ánd lt lafturther ordertd that sakl admlniütralorglTe notioe to the persons interostcd In said rstate, of the pemlency of saiil account and i he hearing tbereof, by causinsr a copy of thls order to be publlshed in the MioniaAH Akco. a oew. p iper prlnted and ilat in gin said countj, bh ree successi re weeks prerfous to snld dar of hearing WILLIA.MD HARRIMAN, CA traeeopy.) Judge otProbate, Wit. G. Dott, Probate Register. Enlate of Sitaba Froer. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY KJ of Wanhfenair BR. At ft seaaion of the Probate Co art for the County if Waehtennw, holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, on Fridny, the elghtbdn of Augiiirt, in the ye&one thonsaad eiírbt hnii1ivrt Hnd perpnty-nine. Present, WilJiam D. Uarrimnn.JndB-p of Probate. In the matter of the estáte ol Eliaua Frcer, deoeftsed. Ou reading ïid filinsr the petition. duly venfied, of Jamen A. Frr-er. pi-Hyini? thnt a eert e-in Instrument now on flle ín tiiis eonrt, purf.ortin? to ba the i; will and testament of sala cteoeasea, mar be admitted (o probóte, and tliat he and Amindn Freej m:;v b (ipjiointed exfeutor (ind exocutiix therfof. Tliereupoii tt is ordied, that Mondny, the ftihth Lay of September en o'clock in the forenoon, be aaslffned lor the heaniiK ƒ böM petitioii, nA that th devíseos, leñatees and heira nt luw of ■;iid deoaeed, nnd all othet persona intereated in Huid estáte, are required to appenr at a PHHnion ■)f fiid Court, then to be holdeu at the Probóte Ortire in the city of Anti Arbor, und ttho'jr canse. ' f any there be, why the pmyer of the petitioncr 4, (Mild not be ertinted : And it is further ordered uut Htd Mtitioner friro nofice to the peiflon nterested in sftid est Ate f the penflency of unid petition (nd the henrini? thereof, br cnuaintr n opy ot thin order to be publisbed in the M ithioan Argüs,m newspier printed und cironlated in said countj, three 8ucce&-8ive weeks previoas to aaidduy of hearing, WILT.IAM D. ÍÍAlíRTMAN, (A tnie copy.) Jtidge of Probate. Wm. G.Doty, Probnte RöKister. . $i( áfc A WIÏEK in your own town, iiid ' BW fij. no eajntal riskcd. You t-nn jive tl'o ' aa busiufi.s ü trial without expense. ' WlM SJ 1'he best opportuniiy ever otI'T'd for (- those wilhng to work. You sbmild c iry aothingelse nniil ymi soe for youraelf whftt yon 1" eau do at the bniaesa weoflbr. No room to expíalo hi're. You can devote h!1 jour time or only your B ■pare time to the business, and malee great ay for ,-very hour yon work. Women raake as nmcíi ;ib g nitii. Send for special private terms and por tic u lare, whlch we mail free. $5 Outfit free. Don 't 'i complain of bard times whilo you have suco r b ■ hunne. AddrcBd H. I1ALLKTX & CO., Portland, t ö ïlaine. LEGAL NOTfCES. Estáte of Charles E. Corünnme. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COÜNTT KJ of WashtennlT, e. At 11 ession of [be frotmte Court tor the Countf ot YTiwhtenaw, hoWen at the Probate Oce m the city of Aun Arbor, un Wedneartay.the tenth rtny of Septemtír, íd the vcar ose tboiunnd eight hnndred :ind MT6ntT-nme. Present, VViiliumD. H.irnmim, Ju."eof Probate In the muiter of fue estáte of Charle E. Bnrlhigame, docf :ised. Oo rem) Ing nnd aitag the petition, duly verified of Lena BurJingame, prayrag that rcdministraiion of the estáte of snid dccesed may bo granad to hersclf or some other snitable person. Therenpon ït is ordcred,that Monday, the rixth diiy of Oolobcr next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon be a.-syued for the hearing o( snid petition apd thit the luirs at law ot saicfdeoef.sed, and all' other peraont interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a eession of aoid Court, then to he holden at the I'robate Office in tlie city of Ann Arbor, and show eauee, if any there b, why the praycr of the petitioners should not be franted: Ana it is further ordereil that aaid pelitioners gire notiee to the persons intorested in aid estáte, of the pendeucy of saul petition, and the hearing thereof, by cansinR copy of thi order to be published in the Miciiioan Aroü, a newapaper pnnted and cirnilated in aid county, tliree succcssiTe weeks preTions to taid day oí heariug. "WILLIAM B. HAREIWAN, (A trae copy.) Judge of Trobate. W. G. Doi-T, Probate Register. Estáte of Franela J. Van Erp. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, COUNTY kj of Washtenaw, es. At a session of the Probate Oonrt for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, the fourth day of September, in the year one thousaud eijfht hnndred and seventy-nine. Present, William D. Hairiman, Judpeo; Probate In the matter of the estute oí Francia J. Tan Erp deceased. On readinf? and fllin the petition duly verilied of Charles Ryckaort, praying that a certain instrument now on file in thia Conrt, pnrporting to be the last Will and Testament of said deceased, muy be admitted to probate, and that he may be appointed eiecutor thereof . Thereupon it is ordered, that Tuesday, the thirtieth day of September instant, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of said peliUon.ancJ that thedevisees, legateeaand heirsat law of said deccasod, and all other perons interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a sesaion of said court, then to be holden at tht Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if a-iy there be, why the prayer ot the petitioner ahould uot be enmtcd : An] .t ,? io"i, ur.terrd thnt jalfl petitioner eive notice to the poroons interested in said estáte of the ponilency of said petition and the hearinï thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be pubhshed in the Michigan Abbus, a nowspaper printed and eirculaled in said connty, thrtesaccessiye weeks previous to 8nid day of heirin" WILLIAM D HAKRIMAN, (A trne copy.) juag0 of probate. Wm, G. Doty, Probate Beirister, Commissioners Notice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw 15 ss. The undersigned haviug been appointcd by the Probate Court for said county, commissioners to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demanda of all persons against the estáte of Jacob Haab, late of said county, decoased, hereby gire notice thatsixmonths from date are allowed by order of said Probate Court, for creditors to present their claims agninst the estáte of said deceased and that they will meet at the Lite residence of saii decesed in the township of Freedom, in saidcouuty on Monday, the ttist day of December, and ou Me. day, the lirst day of Mjürh next, at ten o'clotk a. m of each of said clays, to receive, exaniiu aud adjust said claims. Dated, September 1, A. D. 1879. JÖHN G. ÏELBKAMP, DAVID SCHNBIDKK, "w CommissionerB. Estáte of TertuUii A. Haviland. STATE OP MICHIGAN, COÜNTY of Wiishtenuw, ss. At a session of the Probate Oourt for the Oounty of Washteiiavr, holdf-n at the Probate Omce in the city of Ann Arbor, on Wedneaday.the third d.iy of September, in ths tou one thousandeiirht hnudred and seyeiily-niae. Preíent, Williitm D. H(irriinaL,.fu1ge of Probate In the matter of theeslate ot Tertullus A. Jï.iviand, (iectastd Ut'orge H. Khocles, ezecutor of (he List will and testament of said deceased, comes into court and represents that he is now pnparcd lo rí-fií.er his iinnnal account as such executor. Thereupon it I ordered, thal Tuesdaj th 2Jd dav of M'ptember next, at ten o'clock in thé forcDOon be awlgned tor examialoi and allowing such accouni and that tb,' duTiaei s. legalees and heirs ai law ,,t' ■sid deceased, and all other persons intereated in '■ ai 1 estáte, are reqnlnd to appear al a nc..ion of said court, then to he holden at the Probate I - in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county and show' ' causo, If any there bc, why the said account should Bot be allowed: And it is further or-lcrcd, that said eseeutorgiye notice to the pereona interejted ' in sald eatate, of the pendency of said account n 1 the hetrlng thcreof, by causing a opy o this ' order to be pnblished in the Michicas ARgub, a neirspapcr printed and circulating in said county two aucceüsire weeks previous to said day of r ing. WILLIAM D. 1IABB1JIAN e [A trl;? cP-J Jud?c of I'robate. K.itute of Joseph I. Barker. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Wasbtcnaw, as. Notice is hereby giren, that by an order of tho Probate Court for the County of Wttth tonaw, made 01 the second day of September A. I). 1879, six months from that date were allowed for creditors to present their claims againet the cstate of Joeeph 1. Barker, late of said county, deceased, and that all creditors of said deeettaed are lerjulrcd to present their claims to said Probate Conrt, at the Probate Office in the City of Ann Aroor, for examination and allowance, on or before the second day of Marrh ncxt, and thet uo;i claims will be heard ucfore said Conrt on Tuesdny, tlio second day of December and on Tuesdajr, the second !ay of March ntxt, at ton o'clock in the forenoon of euch of raid days. Iated, Ann Arbor, September 2, A. O. 1879. WILLIAM 1). HARKIMAN, Zw Juilge of Probate. Kstate of Willin Mwi-etinan. I STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Wjishtenaw, st. At a sesoion of the Probate ( Court for the County of Washtenuw, bolden ut the Prob;ite Oifice.m the city of An Arbor, on Thuradiiy, the fourth day of . September, in the yenr one thouHund ei'iht hundieil aud aeventy-cinft Piceent, VViUiam D. Harrimnn. Judpe of Probnte. In the matter of theestate ol Wilüaui Bvyeetinan, I deceased. 0 On readinft nnd filinfrihe patit.ion, daly verifted, 0 of Ellen Sweernmo, praylng that sdniinwtratioii of aid estste may l.e granted to hersulf or aomo t, otlK-r snitabie person. j( Therenponit isordcred.thnt Monday.the twenty ifnth day of Beptetnbtr, at ten o'clock in tlie a ■pivnoon, b aasigncd tor tho hearing of Haid pet ir, tion, and that the heiru nt Ihw of siid deceaeed, ti Dd all other pernons interested in said estáte, are , A rt-quired to appear at ;i sesslon of aaid court, then ' D to be holden t the l'robnte Orhce in the city of X Ann Arbor, and show cause, if nny there be, why n the j.rayer of the petitioner should not begriinted : ! Ol And it. is imthcr ordered that aaid petitior:er ive jr notice to the persons interested in baúl estáte ol the Di pendrncy of said pi-tition and the hearing thereof f,, by ciiusini; a c.opy of this order to bepubiished in éi the MICHIGAN Am.ln, a newpjiper prinleil and cironlated in ud county, three sueceaaivo weeks previoua to öaid day of hearing. WIliLIAM. 1). HAKUIMAN, (Atmecopy.) Judge ol Probute. W. O. Dott, Probate Register. WHITMOBE LAKE I ap 'I he undersined hai titted up the befiutifnl srrove c, on the etiat aide oi W hit more Lake, Ibi the recepu tion of gvnta and boarders. Transiênl pleasure he setikers as well as bnardera aeekiug a quiet, gentes] íti sumiller resort, will fmd at our place the most t0, cbarmingecenery, and, we trust, a bospitable, knul8„j ly home. To parlies fcending their orders u day bepr Tore their arrival we will serve meals as good as reco, queated, otfaemiae a ;ooil cold lunch, with tea or On ;onee, will be held 10 order at all times, at a veiy o.c reaaooable price. titod stnbhntr is also provided arr for. tiive us a trial, and wc thlnk yiu w-ili leave u J jatisfied. P. WIPBSMAliS, PO SITTPSSS1' Se'irt f or samples and . iftllV I tallV Koard and Printers' T? topplies to GEBHAKD KKAJIER, -J ..O and s Jiast Laiüed öt., DETEOIT. ul I _J LEGAL NOTICES. Estáte of ÏCclward Tacey. OTATE OP MICHIGAN. COUWTS KJ ut Wiihhteiww, ss. Ata s.--i n .■ I rol, Com t for the Comity of Woshi i o Probate Oífar. l0 the clty oí Anu irbor, on day. thc twentT-eighth day of Anyust, in ihe v.-a onc thou3:;níl efehí hundred rui i eventv-nine ' Present Willium D. K., minan, ,Tu(V r.fl'robute la the matter ol the estáte of Bdward Pacer de cea sed. ' On reading and fllinc the petition, duly verifled oí O.-oTge O. fufe, praying that a eertaln instrument now on flie in this 'nint, parportmg to hn tb( last will and testament of -.lid decensd m: be idmitted to prabate, and that he muy be appointec execnlor thereof. Thcrenpon itis ordered, tliat Monday. the twentyseconu day of Septemoer next, at ten ó'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of paid petition, and thut the devisees, lesees, and heirsatlaw Of said deceaafd, and all other persons interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a ge&sion of Haid Court, then to be holden at the Probate office, n thc City of Ann Arbor. and sh"w cause if ,-m? there bu.whythe prayer of the petitioncr should not be Rranted: And it ia fnrther ordered th;it said petitioner give notice to the persons interested " estáte, of the peudeney of said petition, and the heanny thcreof , by causinL' a copy of this irderto be published in the Michigan Aboüs, a newspaper printcil nnd circnlated in said county, hres Buccesbive weeks previona to said day oí learing. WILLIAM D. HARFIMAÍí, (A trne copy.) J,, i?e o{ rrobate. Williaji O. Dott, Probate Reeister. Estat of Edwanl Gardiner. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY kj of Washtenaw. su. Ata seasion of Ihe Probate íourt for the Oounty of Washtennw, holden at the Piobate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, on Thoralay, the twenty-örat day of August, in the year )ne thoiisand tíirht hundred and st'Tenty-Dine. Pri'seat, William D. Earrimm, .Indge of Probate In the matter oí the estáte of Edward Gardinur, leceafid On rending and ülinf? Ihe petition, duly yerified or Illnbctta ''. Qírdiner, prayW that adzalniatration if said entate may be uranted to herself or some ither smtabïe person. Thereupon n i ordered, tht Monday, the flfecnth day of September next, at ten o'clock in the urenoon, be aaaigned for the hearing of said pptiion, and that the heirs at law of saiddeceased, and II other personq interested in s ;id estáte, are equired to appear at a session of said conrt then 0 be holden at the Probate office in the city of Ann ilbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the rayer of the petitioner sliould not be granted : .nd it is further ordered that eaid petitioner give otice tu the persons interested in said estáte, t the pendeney of said petition and the heariü thereof, by causing copy of thls order to be ublíshed in the MicmnM Abgds, a newspaper rinted and circulated in eaid county, thrce suceesTe weeks previous to said day of hearinp. WILLIAM D. HARR1MAN, I A trae copy.) ,iudge of Probate. Wm. ü. Dott, Probate Register. Commissloners' Xotloe. iTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY ?oi Washtenaw, sa. The undernifened havinp heen tpoiqted by the Probate Oourt for said Ootmty, immissioners to receivi:. examine and adjtist all iras and demands of all persons aamst tlie este of Enra C. Searnun, late of said county, deceased, üeby give notice that six months from dáteme lowed, by order of aaid Probate Court, for Credirs to present their ctaim against the estáte of id deceased, and tliat they will meet at the obate Ornee, in the city of Ann Arbor, iu said anly.on Monday thc tirst day of November and Monday Ihe rirst day of March next, at ten :Iock A. M.. of each of said days, to receive, exime and adjust said claims. Dated, Angust :lith. A. D. 1879. CHARLES H. RTCUMOND ÏIJHUB.WND, PHILIP BACH, "w Commissioners. 1 N. OI'KK, 1W. ., Acconcheur ami i liynaecologlst. otticc córner Main and Jlui streeta, Aun Arbor. LEGAL NOTICES. Keal for Sale. r OTATK OF MICHIGAN, COUSTTY f tí m ; er of iw -r.ato onie Pischer, John Kiscbei - '■ v ■ '- ' ■ "i ryyisclier.ininoM. N ótico i r ''■ ■■ ; -'■ 'bat inpursuiiDce ufan arder gnnted to-ihe nnderlgnd, guardinn o tbe esta te ofíald minore, ly the Ilon J mlKe of Probate for the eounty oí ; ashtenaw, on Ihe 2d day of JuIy.A. O. 1879, there will be suld at pm lie vendiif, to the hishest bidder at the south frontdoor of the Oourt Hoose in thé ; city of Ann Arbor, In the county of W'aslitenaw in M.IMMY THK TmnTEENTH BiVOT ; Octmbk.15, A. D. 1879, at ten o'clook in the fore! noon ol that day (subject to at! encurnbrances hr mortgage or othcrwise existingat the time of the Miel, all the right, Utle, and interest of said minor in ind lo the following describid real estale to witLot nuiuher three in block nurober three south range ix eaat. The northeast part of lot number three in blouk nuniber one soulh range number four east, being sixteeii and a half feet front nnd flíty feet deep. Also sixteai feet off of the went eideoflul nuinbi.-r two in bluck nuniber one soutb of range fonr easl ; ü in the city of Ann Arbor in theStaleol' Michigan. Also a picce of land on seotion nunihor thirtytwoin town two south range six east, 111 lh Sinte of Michigan, beginnine on tha nortli ind soulh quarter line eleven chainsnorth of the center of said section, thence north along the quarter line thirteen chains and twenty-aix link, thence eest locfc the sontb line ol Brown Bach" nddilion to thocity of Ann Arbor fourteen chaina oud thirteen link to a ütake. thence south four chains and .ij linies to the hn!f quarter line, thence east alons the half quarter line five chains and eighty-i -ifrht link to the north imd south half qurter lme, thrace south nine chains and seTenteeo links to a stake, which is eleven chains north of the cast .and west quarter line of said section, thenca west tvventy chains tothe place of bezinning, bein tw.'nty-fournnd nineone-hundredths acres of lanS moreorless. Also a pioce of land on the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of nectinn nunibcr thirty-two in the lownship of Ann Arbor county of Washtcnaw and Stilte of Michigan, exCffptinR the west seven cliains and fifty links wido across said quarter of s.iid section, containing twentv-tive and fnrty-four one-hundredths acres. Also the north half of thesouthwest quarter of section number lii !■ ui-I the sontheast qnnrter of seetioa number Mve, town one south ranee six eaut. exceptïng the-nrest forty acres, in Michigan. Also lots nnraber Bre, six, seven, eigrht, mne, ten, eleven twe.Te, thirteen, and fonrleen ín Brown's secondi addition tothe city of Ann Arbor in said stat. Aiso lots flltcen and sixtn In Browns second ddition to the city of Ann Arbor in the stat of Michigan. Also lots one, two, three, four, flve ui , the north twenty-two links wide of lot nnmber lix in block four, south of ranse number two eut In the city of Ann Arbor in the state of Michigan. Datcd, Aujjnst 27, 1879. LEONHAED GRUNER, Guardian. nnO THE FAEMEES OF WASHTENAW! It is a well-known fact and bas not been denfed that the Toledo and Ann Arbor railroad the past rearhasput in the pockets of the farmers ofthe jounty, al leut three ceuts on all of tkeir wheat. "öv thrce Ci'nts on 1,500,000 busheïs ie 45,006 dojars; qmte ■ wvuig. Now we say, bring yoa heat nd patrnnize the road where jou will flnd rour old frfend, Tkkadwell & Osbokne, ready ta iay the hiu'hest possihle price that can be paid. - ' ÏVe trust, byfair dealiug, we will receive a fair prolortionof patronage. Youru truly, TRKADWELT, & OSBORXE. Ann Arbor, JuTy 23, 179. AUM FOK AI.E. fiO acres, well improved, off tho west side of theest half of the sout heust quarter of section eleven ithe townsbip of I'ittsHt'ld, Waehtenaw Connty. 'ïll bo sold chenp. Terms easy. Enquire of L. C. KISDON, 27Ann Arbor, Mlch 30AKIÏIN01SCHOOL FOB BOYS.j ' MICHIGAN MILlTAItY ACADEMY. Send for Catalogue. OllCHAED LAKE, MICU.


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