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- ïpsilnnti has 1,640 school children only 835 of which attend. -Chas. E. King and Don B.itchelder were elected trustees of public Bohuola of Ypsüanti. - Justiee Goodyear of Manchester sonds John Hoelzle to swoll our population for ton days. - Ypsilanti's public schools opened with 805 pupils; the High school with 51, an increase of 16 over last year. -Manchester will square up her school house debt this year. The institution of icaraing oponed this term with 19for eign jtudonts. -Mr. Spaulding's dwelling in Mnncheiker wm dsinnged $00 by fir. on Tkondf of laat wk. A prk from the ook Vot did it. - ThU week, J.Ktm t.i Saitk, n prominent atoflk breedei of esem Waishtensw, lehTes for Colorêwio and New SIexico with a lot of raras. - The air was sosuioky the other day that a subscribor to tho Dexter paper was uimble to fiud the Leader office so he could ronew his eubscription. Still the paper appears aa usual. -Tho editor of tho Ypailanti Commercial with Cumplimentarles to the state, county and tri-state fairs is unable to decide which he will adora by his presenoe. Cuine here, Bro. Moore. -Aa a raault of' racing by throshing I i .:turning from tho farm of Peter Kishpaugh oL Manchester, Peter Boughton was thrown from a wagon and severely injured abouttho head and spine. - Those expecting to teach in Suaron are jnvitud to meet at town hall, on Saturday, Sept. 20, for examinntion.- Those of Manchester at the union school bnilding at Manchester, on Saturday next. - Faculty andalaryof Dexter's union school: C. A. Cook, Principal, $800.- Preceptress, Eva L. McMath, $320.- Emile Palnier, $320. Miss Pife, Lena uuorm each $280. Ka te Conloa $240. Maimo Murdock (28 weeks) $140. - For the year ending Sept. 1, 1879, Dexter's public school oost $3331,09.- For the year to come Messrs. L. W. Briggs and John Costallo will care for its interests as trustees. The school census shows 43J public ruoney drawing children. - Yp8Üanti's fire department will be officered the ensuing yeav by thefollow ing: Pres.- Clark Cornwell. Foreman -E. Batwell. lat Asst.- Geo. Kishler. 2d do-B. Kirk. 3d do- G. W. Flowers. Foreman of Hose- A. D. L. Knisley lst Assistant-F. Jones. 2d Assistant J. Fullpr. od Assistant- C. Holmes.- Secretary- Peter Carpenter. Treasurer - J. H. McKinstiy. - Ypsilanti proposes a free lectura courso by home talent. The speakers thus farsecured are Professor Estabrook, who will talk on "School Teaching;" Mr. Charles Woodruff, who will sneak on "Newspapers;" Mr, F. P. Bogardus, who will explain "Banking;" and Mr. üiark Gornwell, who will teil abont "Pitpor Making." The course will also inelude a talk on "Farming," tho speak- tu be.announced hereafter. - Estimated expense of conducting the Manchester uuion school for the eusuing year is thus: Supt., J. W. Eobinson, salary $850. Principal of High school, O. F. Field, $400. Grammar dept., M. L. Hunt, $320. Intermedíate dept., Atta Calwell $320. Secoudary dept., Alice Richmond $320. Priraary, Anna E. Shekell $320. Janitor, N. H.' Wells $240. Fuel$175. Insurance $90. Incidontals $300. Total $3.335. - liinga of most Jciudi we are familiar wiih- but a "hack ring" never. Owners of hack8in Ypsilanti, yiewing with alarm tho prospect that people residing elsewhore muy put in an appearance duriug the Ypailanti fair and smash combinatiou prices by carrying people to and trom, were influential enough with thoir city fathers to impel theui to pass un ordinance coiupelling foreigners to pay $5perday to run a vehioleon Ypsi's sucred highways. Hurrnh for the hack ring! -Apropos of Mr. C. H. Kicbmond's address to the furmers of' Lenawee and AVashtenaw, in Capt. Davis's grove, tbe TeOBOiaeh Herald says, " Lhe speech was full of good advice and hints to the far mers, aud was well suited to the occasion." The Clinton News asserts "his remarks were well timed aud practical." And this from the Manchester Enterjn-ise: Ho (Mr. Richmond) commenced by telling how the farmer's lif'e was freedom from the smoky city, from close contact with vioe and crime whioh that life promotes in crowded tenement houses and contamiuated atmosphere. That the presence of the pure air of Heaven accounts for the farmer 's large heartednesa; that about one-sixth of the people are engaged in agricultura, with a capital of niue thousaud millions of dollars invested, while manufacturera and mechamos havo about two thousand millions of dollars invested. He spoke of the voting power of the farmers to look to the correction of government affairs. He drew coinparisons between the city and farmer lads, in dross, home privileges, etc, and urged the farmer to make his home attractive and giva th boys e,very advautage. He stated that the farmers of America raisod one-tifth of the cereals of the world; gave the average prGduct per acre in the various countries and furnished statistics proving that in countries where farming is i not done on a large kcala the profit isiu proportion."


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