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It is estimated that the loss by forest lires in Tascóla comty this scason will not fall short of $25,0u0. 8t Joseph ia to have another knitting factory. Mr. P. E. edwards, on of B. M. Edwards. Mr. P, E. Edwards, a gentleman with larga capital, will be at the head of the establishment. The man whoae body was found August 26 in CMear lake, near Gaylord, Otsego county, is supposed to be Amos Fraser, who took up Bome land near there May 5, and hadn't been heard of since. He carne from New York state, The Universalist State convention met at Concord Wednesday with delegates present f rom Rochestsr, Lansing, Ooncord, Poriland, Manchester, Farmington and oher pointsj in the State. The State Firemen's Tournament began at Battle Creek Wednesday with a large attendance. The Fort Wayne, Jackson and Saginaw Ilailroad, extending from Jackson to Fort Wayne, Ind., - about ooe hundred miles - with all its appurtenances. will be sold at auction at Jackson December 8. In the State Firemen's Tournament at Battle Creek on Thursday. Three hand engine companies contested as follows: Protection of Jonesville threw 198 feet 7 inches against a stiff wind and took the champion banner and $100. Tempest of Battle Creek took the second prize, throwing 186 feet lü inches. Liberty of Marshall threw 178 teet 3 inchss. E ght companies entered for the sweep stakes hose race. Jonesville won the purse of $200 in 43Í-4 seconds, beating the Vigilants of Kalaïoazou by a qnarter of a second. Prof. Geo. T' Fairchild has been elected president of the Kansas state agricultural college. Mr. Fairchild is professor of higher Knslishin the Agricultural College at Laning. F. Harry Robbins, clerk in the hardware store of McClelland & Son, of Caro, and a oitizen of some prominence, has confessed to have taken at different timen money to a considerable amount without accounting to the firm for the same. He has transferred all his household effccts in settlement and left own. Phïneas Farley or Jackson was knocked down by a freight train Thursday night, run over, and had both legs and his left arm cut off. There will be held at Big Kfipids, Mich., on Wednesday, November 5, 1879, a competitive examination of applicants residing in the Ninth Congreseional District of Michigan, who may desire the appointment as cadet to the United States Military Academy at West Point. What is alleged to be petroleum oil has been discovered in Koscommon county, and good judges pronounce it genuine. Iha salt product for August was 245,932 barrels, the Urgent for any inonth in the history of tlie iiuiimtïcture in this State. A Reven-year-uui sun of Henry Amens, of Capac, St. Clak county, feil from a loaded wagon and was run over August 30 and so R-'vsrely injureel that he died in about an bonr. iuring the gale on Wednesday the propeller Bertschy, loaded with shmgles, bound down, sprang a leak off Port Austin Reef. The water put out the lires wuen she drifted on a reef eighty rods south of the Lake Huron Stone Company's doek. Six of the crew put out in a small boat to make the land. The boat upset and the men held on to the bottom and driited ashore at a point whcre the bank is about forty feet high. They landed there about 11 o'clock and had to stay in the breakers until daylight, when they were hauled up with ropes. The crews from Life Saving District No. 2 came to the relief of the steamer, taking fourty-three peoplc, besides baggage, from the wreek. A party of Chicago capitalista, to be known as the Pine Lake Iron Company, are about to erect a one hundred thimsand dollar blast furnace at or near SouUi Arm on that lake, about live miles from Charlevoix, where the business officea will be located, with tolephonio coramunication to the works. Thecapacity of the furnace is to be forty lons of iron per day, and benefits Charlevoix, it is eHtimated,by the consumption of thirty to forty thousand cords of wood per year, the einployment of fifty men and the annual expenditure of two hmulred thousand dollars for wood, coal and labor. General Manager Ledyard ot the Michigan Central has issued orders to dispense with BundsLy worW on the roa' as far as pouibld. Capt. Frank Woolson was lost off the barge Yankee during a squall on Lake Erie Monday night. He resides at Bay City, and leaves a wife and chüdren. E. W. Bdlch, of Port Austin, a prominent oitizen, has beoome violently insane and will have to be sent to Pontiac asylum. Mrs. DeLand the Grand Rapids woman so outrageously acensed of criminal csnduct with the Rev. Dr. Thompson of iierlin, has pubhshed a card emphatically .ienying all the charges made against her. Her husband who gave them publicity has been dismissed from his position on the Grand Kapidfi Democrat and receives littlc yinpathy. A young lavvyer named O. M. Milspaugh was found hung in a shed at the rèar of his house, at Kalnazoo. Friday eveuing, in the northeast part of the viHage. He formerly lived at Bloomingdale, Van Buren Co., and was employed in the office of Thomas B. öherwood. He had not been seeu since Monday noon. He leaves a wife who has been bedridden for two years. Despondency was probably the c&u-e. Wm. RusRell's saw mili at Mt. Pleasant Isabella county, was burned August 36, with considerable lumler, ehingles, etc. Loss eight thousand dollars. The cuunty seat quarrel in Vexford county han taken a new turn. Cadillac got the laBt legislature to pass a law vacating one township ro as to diminish by one vote the power of herman (the present county seat) of the board of supervisors. Bat a few days BÏnce the Shermamtes got a sppcial session of the board and reorganized the town. Grand Haven was visited by two destructivo fires on Saturday which entailed an aggregate loss of about 88,000. The principal losers were: Chase & Lacey, $3,500: no insurance; H. M.Creager & Co., $700; no insurance; A. Keil, Í900; insured $700; W. Casi, $500, no insurance; J. N. Reynolds, $1,200, fully inRured; Haines & Kloyer, f 150, no insurance; H. C. Akely, $150, no insurance; J. A. Stephenson, $800, no insurance; A. J. Ernlew, $150. Gov. Croswell has pardoned Henry Wood, convictcd in Washtenaw county of larceny, and seatenced to the state prison for three years in June, 1878. Wood is dying of conHumption. Gerriöh Bros., Muskegon, lumbermen, are said to have been offered $175,000 for a Utah silver mine for which they paid ten thousand. A three-year-old child of Warren Smith of Kenockee, St. Clair county, feil into a well 46 feet deep; with water a foot in depth at the bottom. Strange to say it escaped with only bad bruises. Ex-Senator Wm. E. Warner, of Belleville, Wayne county, was engaged Saturday in tearing down a saw-mill, when one of the heavy timbers unexpectedly feil and struck him in the chest, crushing him to the earth. He neither moved nor spoke afterward, though medical assistance was promptly on the spot and everything possible was done in his behalf. In 1864 he was elected register of deeds of Wayne county and was re-elected in 1866 to a second term. He has been a prominent and nfluentlal member of the Democratie party of Wayne county for the past 25 years In one of the shops at the state prison there is a department in which toys are manufuctured, and also various kinds fabricated from bone'by hand. Prisoners do this claBs ot work who are physically disabled from workmg in the contract shops. One convict, who bas but a single arm, is a wood carver and dues his work well. The sale of bone goodB and toys aggregate about $100 per month. While a freight train on the Grand Rapids ftïid Indiana railroad was passing Burch's mili Monday afternoonDanielAnsori.a brakeman.fell between the cars and the caboose passed over both iegs, inñicting fatal injuries. He is 24 years oíd and unmarried. Ex-tmvernor Bagley is to deliver the address before the Bay county fair the latter part of uconth. Edward Snovor of Lapeer was arrested Monday on the extraordinary charge of Btealing 160 sheep from Luke F. Roscoe, a Lapeer farmer. He sold them to a drover who became suspicious, and the sheep were traced to their owner. The barn of Charles Royce' near Davisville was consumed by fire Saturday night. A span of horses, 650 bushels of wbeat and some other property were destroyed. Loss $1,500; insured for $600 in the Farmers' Mutuil. A young man by the name of J. McGinn left Point St. Ignace Saturday evening in a small boat alone for Cheboygan. Nothing has been heard from him since, and he is supposec to have befn drowned. J. Lots, a saloon keeper of Bay City, walkec off the bridge into the river Monday night ant was drowned. Híb age was 56 and he leaves a wife and family. A few days since a lady named Miller living near Beaver Lake, Otsego county, went into the woods to piek berries, and not returning home search was made and Bhe was found dead in the woods. It is supposed Bhe died from an epileptic fit. Her remains were taken to Plymouth for interment. Several species of Af ricaii ants are overan inch in length. ïhis is not the sort that the nativea eat. Detroit in Brief. Mrs. Helen Ida Buhl Heilly, daughter of Mr. and C. H. lïuhl, and wife uf Judge C J. lieilly of this circuit, died Wednesday inorning at her father' s home after a lingering and painful illncSB. The State Board of Control met the,uew company for constructing the Marquette and Mackinaw IUilroad Thnrsday and closed the contract. It was agreed that work is to commence at once and at least 20 miles of road is to be fully completed by tho Slat of July, 1880. About noon Friday while the steamer Alaska was on her way from Detroit to Put-inBay and had just passed out of the river, the front of the boiler waB in someway barst out, filling the fire hole ard engine room with stcam. The two engineers, Charles and John Stevens and ono of the firemen, John Boyd, were blown or jumped overboard and were drowned. A half dozen deck hands were badly scalded, Bome of them, it is thought, fatally. The Alaska was towed back to Amherstburg by the City of Detroit, which happened to be near. The following bishops were axpected to be present at the consecration of Bisbop-elect Harris September 19: Wilmer, Alabama: Clarkson, Nebraska; Wbipple, Minnesota; Perry, Iowa; McLaren, Illinnis; Welles, Wisconsin; Talbott, Indiana; Burgess, Quincy,IU,; Seymour, Springüeld, 111.; Coxe, western New York ; Gillespie, western Michigan. A large delegation of Cleveland officials and another from Grand Rapids visited Detroit city and were formallv entertained by the city. A game of base ball between Cleveland and Detroit aldermen on Belle Isle resulted in favor of the f ormer Sherifï Coots paid over to the county treaBnrer oh Monday $43,348 05 collected by him on liquor warrants. This covers the whole amount colleeted by him up to the lst of September and represents 571 warrants. He still has 100 warrants in his his. Superintendent Sill renorts that the schools opened with 12,086 pupils and 274 have since heen admitted. This number is 624 in excess of the number of children in the schools a year ago, and more than 1,200 greater than the number in 1877. The superintendent Bays the number of pupls in the schools exceeds by 81 the aggregate seating capacitjr of the building. The Kev. Alfonsus Dumbrowski, priest of St. Albertus Roman Catholic chnrch in the Polack quarter of the city, was arrested at 2 o'clock Monday morning on a capias issued out of the Wayne circuit court at the Buit of Julian Kula, for seduction. He paid $1,100 in cash and the suit was diBContinued. A party of 400 Canadian emigrante bound For Mamtoba passed through this city Tuesday evening.Their household effects filled 17 carB. The annual co nference'of the colored M. E. church met in Zion chnrch on Calhoun street Tuesday. Bishop Lomas presided. TueBday morning the revenuO cutter Fessenden f ound the body of John Boyd, the unfortunate colored fireman of the steamer Al asia, fioating in Lake Erie about half a mile beow Bar point where the explosión took place. It is said that not less than 150 cowb have died in the western part of the city from the cattle disease. MISCELLANEOUS. Twenty-six new cases, equally divided beiween whites and blacks, were reported to the toard of health at Memphis on Wednesday. ?he fund for Gen. Hood's children reached the irst day day nearly $1,000. The money will be nvested in securities by three trustees. The children are lett entirely destitute. John H. Gatling, brother of the inventor, was ound murdered near hia homestead at Murreesboro, C Wm, Vann, a neighbor, was rrr ated. Representatives of the 11 ïiessemer steel works of the country met in Philadelphia Vednesriay for the regulation of trade, now more active than for several years past. The rulcan works of St. Louis alone were unrepreented. The reports show that everv rail mili n the country has orders for more than it can produce up to the end of the year, nnd many f them have already taken orders for several months. The seventh inter-state industrial exposiion of Chicago opened Wednesday evening t the expoaition building with a very large ttendance. The postmaste general has ordered an ac,ual count, in all postoffices from the lst to he 7th of November, of all letters, packages, ostal carda, etc. The publisherF of newspaers are requested to furnish postmasters vith the number of papers mail cd at the Charles Demond, late treasurer of the ftlassahusetts home missionary society, has been rrested charged with embezzlement. Various rregularities in Demond's official conduct were discovered laat spring, and the examina pion of the books now shows the amount of he defalcation to be between $50,000 and f 60,00. Elijah Frost, Bige Gibson and Torn MeÜracken were taken from a constable at Wilets, Gal., Tuesday night and hung by a mob. 'hese inen were under arrest for larceny of a addle and some harness. Twenty-seven new cases were reported to he board of health at Memphis Thursday, 12 f whom were white. The Howard Associaion has issued an urgent appeal for assistnce. Tho colored refugee board held a meeting at it. Louis Wedneaday night, at which reports vere made going to show that there han been but little falling off in negro immigration northward, and that the number may be ex)ected to increase sfter the erop is gathered. ?he members of the board state that a botter lass of colored people is coming, and the demand for assistance is not öo pressing and so eneral aa it han been. Many of the later immigrante are from sectiona remote from the iver. The steamshïp Labrador, from Europe Wedneaday, brought one million dollars in gold bars and tliree thousand dollars in 20 franc neces. Nineteen new cases were reported at Memphis Friday, 12 white and 7 colored. Thirteen leatbs were reported during the day. The folowing difipatch wan received by the Howard Association from Jay Gould of New York: "I end you by telegraph $5,000 to aid the Howard I am certain generous peole throughout the country will contribute iberally to aid your Btricken city. At any ra te, keep on at your noble work till X teil rouj o stop, and 1 will foot the bill. What are your daily expenses?" Twenty new nurses were assigned to duty by the Howard Aasociation Friday. The sailing yacht Westwind capaized Friday and sank immediately in Henderson Bay. There were nine persons on board, seven of whom attempted to swim ashore, a distance of ïalf a mile, and were drowned. Two clung to a Rpar above water and were rescued. Mrs. KatharineChase Sprague has ii led a peti;ion in the enpreme court, asking for the apointment of a trustee of her property and estáte in South Kingston, Bhode Island. The wife of Sheriff Kern of Philadelphia has died of hydrophobia. Six weeks ago Bhe was bitten by a pet dog. A party of two girls and two young men, while crossing White lUver at Morgan's ferry, 2U miles south of Yincennea, Ind., Thursday night, were thrown into the river by the horse attached to the wagon in which they were seated becoming frightened and backinp off bhe boat. Alice Cottrill, 17, Kllen Delünger, 16, John Hummit, 22, were drowned, together with the horse. The total Rumbtr of new cases of yellow fever reported in Memphis for the week was 152; whitcs 78, colored 74. Total number to September 6th, 1,005. Total number of deaths from yellow feyer for the week, 43; whites 33, colored 10. Total deaths to that date, 272. Capt. Goldsmith and wife, crew of the minature boat "Únele Sara," from Boston for Europe, have arrived at Liverpool in a vessel which picked them np. They were nearly famished when reacued, Mre. G. dangerously ilt, and her husband having watched constantly for 72 hours. W. K. Bell, in the employ of Adams expreBB company at Kansas City, who absconded Aug. 20 with $7,500 of the company's money, was arreeted on the ÍSt. John's river Monday and $2,500 recovered. Bell has started for Kansas City A fire at Maryaville, Cal., Monday destroyed the storehouse of Cross, the store of N. D. Popert and two dwellings adjoining. Loss, $80,000. Henry G. Stebbins presided on Monday at the meeeing of the wood'a fair committee in New York which took action to counteract the infiuence of the resolution adopted by the Hilton committee declaring that it waa not advisable to fix a date for holding the fair untll site had been selected, reaffirming the determination to hold a fair in 1883, and recommending that Weptember 23 and November 25, 1880, be dys of special celebration. Hanlan has agreed to row Courtney at Rochester, N. Y., for a purse of $5,000. A strike of molden began at the Ohio Falls car works, at Jeffersonville, Tuesday morning. At preseut only the f reight department of the extensive establishment is involved. Monday nioruing the molders, through a committee, sent a communicatinn to the ofñcers of the -company asking that the price paid for molding car-wheels beincreased, and that the wages of men on the side floor, moldera for the f reight-car department, be raised from $2 per day to $2 25. The north span, 125 feet in length, of the bridge across the Kansas river at Lawrence was destroyed Tueaday. A drove of 150 cattle were benig driven across the bridge, when, by sume mismanagement, they were all concentrated upon the north span, and it suddenly broke near the middle, falling into the river. The south portion ot tho span drew off the pier, and feil flat in the water with its portion of cattle. TyesteamBhipP. Caland, which arrived at New York Tuefdsy from Rotterdam, picked sp the shipwrecked crew, 12 in number ot' the Norwegian bauk Columbia, bouud from London for Qaebec. The bark was struck by large fish or sea monster aud had a hole kmicked in the bottom wbioh causcd her to ril! and sink in half an hour. The water around the vessel beeame bloody immediately after the shock was feit. The men had barely time to escape in boats. Thus f ar this year 1,599 miles of 1 ailroad have been completed, against 1,128 miles for the same period last year. It is reported that Vanderbilt has offered $150,000 for the patent of the new Prosser grain car. The grain, according to this patent, is carried in the wheels, the.e being no boxes. The national association of lire engineers has elected Martin Cronin ot Washington president, John Bennett oL Cleveland first vice-president. POLITICAL. The Kepublican State ticket of Minnesota was eompletcd Wednesday morning, as follows; Secretary of State, Fred Von Bombach; State treasnrer. Oeo. Kettleson; attorney general , Chas. M. Start ; railroad commissioner, Wm. A. Marsh, The California State election on Wednesday passcd off quietly. Full returns will not be received for several days. The New York State Republican convention met at Saratoga on Wednesday and nominated the following ticket. For Governor - A. B. Cornell. For Lieutenant Governor- Geo. G. Hoskins. For Secretary of State- Joseph B. Carr. For Controller- Jas. W. Wadsworth. Fo Treasurer- Nathan D. Wendell. For Attorney General- Hamilton Ward. For State Engineer and Suryeyor- Howard Soule. Bispatches from California up to Friday evening indicated that the Republicans had carried the State by some 20,000 majority. The vote had been about hilf counted. The election in Maine oocurred on Monday. The opening of the day was very nnfavorable to a full vote, rain fallir, g in torrents in all parts of the State. But at noon the storm brokc, and reports from all quarters indícate that a heavy vote was polled. Tuesday's dispatches claimed the election of the Republican State ticket and a majority of the Legislatura. The complete count in San Francisco gives the following result: The workingmen elect mayor, sheriff, auditor, treasurer, tax collector, public administrator, surveyor, district attorney, pólice judge, one supervisor, fivo members ot the board of education, and the railroad commissioner from the city district. The Bepnblicans elect assessor, recorder, coroner, connty clerk, superintendent of streets, eleven svpervisors, seven Tiembers of board of education, and a member of the state board of equalization, and elect Congressman Davis. A dispatch from Portland, Me„ Tuesday night said the election returns show that the next House of RepreseDtatives in that State will stand 89 Republicans to 62 opposition, and that Davis (Rep.) was probably elected Governor by a small majority over both bis competitors The Democratie state convention of Wisconfiin met at Madison Tuesday, and was called to order by Joseph Rankin, chairman of the state central committee. S. H. Hadd, Green Bay, was elected temporary chairman. The Hon. James Doolittle was chosen permanent chairman and a long platform was adopted. The following candidatos were put in nomination : Governor - Alex. Mitchell. Lieut. Governor - üeo. H. King. Secretary of State - Samuel Ryan. Treasurer - Andrew Haben. Attorney General - J. M. Smith. Superintendent Public Instruction - Edward hearing. PERSONAL. Courtney has agreed to row Hanlan at Rochester for a purse of $6,000. Hanlan has not been heard from. The steamship City of Tokio sailed Septembev 3, and will probably amve at San Francisco September September 21. Gen. Grant is a passenger on the steamer. The Emperor William arrived at Alexandrewo, Wednesday, and was recived by tbe czar. The meeting between the two emperors was exceedingly cordial. They were enthusiastically cheered by the large crowds assembled. Gen. Manteuffel accompanied the emperor of Germany. The President and family left Monday for :ne west. Gen. Sherman will accompany the President to Cinciniiati ! attend the exposición there. Secretary Evarts will join the President in his visit to Kansas and remain with him until his return, early in October. Secretary Thompson left Friday for Indiana, and Secretary McCraTy on the 20th tor Iowa. Thomas Wilson, who died recently at Baltimore, lett $500,000 for the endowment of Thomas Wilson sanitarium," for the children of the poor, and $200,000 for the endowment of the "Thomas Wilson Furl Saving Society," to aid the poor. A half a m Ilion is given to lis nephew t and nieces. Col. E. R. Johnson of the First infantry commanding officer at Fort Hale, has suddeny become insane. He has been taken east For treatment. The National Zeitung says that the recent visit of the Emperor Wiüiam to the Czar had only been decided on 24 hours before the emperor left Berlín, and that the visit was under :aken at the urgent invitation of the Czar, Preparations were made with the greatest secrecy. When the emperor went both the railway station and the street leading to it were cleared by the poliee, who were stationed at every 2ü yards. The President has decided to appoint Gen. Wm. H. Hays, of Springfield, Ky., United jtates district judge for the district of Kentucky, vice Judge Ballard, deceased. Ex-lieutenant-governor John Dougherty of Illinois died at Jonesboro, Monday, aged 73. Wm. M. Hunt, a well-known artist ot Bos;on, drowned himself Monday at the Isle of Shoals Dr. Samuel A. Finley, ex-surgeon general United States arniy, died at hiB residence in Philadelphia Monriay. FOKEIGN. It is stated in Dublin that the Lord Lieutenant has requested the poliee authorities of Limerick to make a special report of the circumstances under which Charles btewart Parnell, at a recent banquet, suffered the hissing whioh greeted the toast ''The Queen" to pass unnoticed, though ho is a magistrate and member of parliament. The Portuguene government has granted a con cession for the laying of a telegraph cable between Lisbon, the Azores and the United States, maximum charges for messages to be 2 shillings per word. The larger part of the required capital has beenalreaay seco red. ■ Major Connelly telegraphed Friday night from Simia, India, the substance of a letter received from the Ameer of Afghanistan, who confirma the news of the revolt at Cabul and adds thit the regiments which have mutinied were joined by the populace. TheAmeer's arsenal and stores were first plundered and destroyed, and the British Embassy was then attacked by overwhelming numhers. The Ameer declares that he was completely surprised by the outbreak. He endeavored to quiet it and sent Gen. Daoudshah to Major Cavagnari'n assistance, but Gen. Daoudshah was unhorsed and fatally wounded. The Ameer then sent his son with the Governor of Cabul and other inrluential persons, but the mob was wholly uncontrollable. The vieeroy of India telegraphed on Monday as follows: Advices from Ali Kheyl, dated Saturday last, say that Badshah Khan saw the corpees of Mayor Cavagnari and members of his staft and escort. The party made a very stubborn defense. The loss of rioters killed in the nght is eatimated at over 100. The sultan has disbanded the entire force of Redifs, numbering 26,0J0 men. Turkish troops have been sent to repress the insarrection which has broken out in Kur distan. It is estimated that 30,000 persons are still out of work at Glasgow. The iron trade only is doing well. The building trades are in the worst condition, and it will be necessary again to make provisión to assist the uuemployed through the coming winter. It is announced in Dublin that Charles Parnell, home rule member of parlament for Meath, and other persons interesed in the land question, contémplate issuing an appeal to the Irish people in all parts of the world to aid in the creation of a class of peasant proprietors in Ireland. The following are the heights of the principal monuments, domes, &c, in the world : St. Antoine column at Home, 135 feet ; principal tower of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, 145; Trajan's column at Rome, 145 ; Napoleon's column at Paris, 150; Washington monument at Baltimore, 180 ; the great obelisk at Tliebes, 200 ; Bunker Ilill monument at Boston, 223 ; column of Delhi, 202 ; Trmity church steeple at New York 264; the contení plated new dome of the Capítol, 300 ; dome of St. Paui's Cathehral, London, 320 ; Tower of Manlius, 350; Tower of the Cathedral at iStrasburg, 460; dome of St. Peter's Cathedrai, Rome, 465; Great Pyramid, 481.


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