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New Whig Party

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The Cleveland American, (Liberty,' refers to eerlain movernents in that State, as indicativo of an intention to start a new Wbig Northern Rights party, with Messrs. Giddings, Hamlin, &c, at the head of it. The American says : "We have repeatedly c.prcsscd our readiness to unite with any party for the furthcraricc of the cause of hurnan fighUi and emancipation. But we will imite with no party, for the purposc of mering the AntUSlavery cause in the pecuniary issues of the old parties. Such we bclieve to bc the Union now advocated bv Mr.Giddings, and our neighbor of the Truc Democrat, in this county. It is to be the organizution of a now Whig party, of which .Mr. G., and Mr. IL, and so on, may bc the head and leaders. A 'party pledged to Northern rights, and a Tariff, and in fine, neárly all the prominent issues of the old Whig party. It is runoréd that Mi-: Clayton, of Delaware, is o be the candidato of such a party for the -'residency - who, though not a slaveholler, as is said, has never yet opened bis mouth fór Iíuman Itights. Wilh sucli a Kiríy, for such á purpose, tóe will liave notfiing to do. We go for no unión that may not embrace "worthy Anti-SIavery men of the old Democratie party as welj as the Whig. But on this subject we hall have more to say hereaftcr."Mr. Giddings, however, can't g3t over his anection for the Slaveholders. The more they abuse and villify Iiim, the more he seems determined to adhcre to and elévate them. The American says : " We havenow befo re us a letter from a gentleman, who has been told by Mr. Giddings, within the last two weeks, that he ("Mr. G.) woidd vate for a Slaveholdér for President, providcd lic we re plcdgcd to Norlhcm righís.' Mr. Giddings was an effeciual advocate of Clay's election, and does not seem fo have advanced much. For our part, we cannot give our confidence to any professedly antisiavery man that will vote lor Slaveholders.