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A New Slave State

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Our readers will remember thnt r.t the time of the admissiou of Florida, a motion was made and lost to diviJc tlia territory inlo two States. The project was a Southern one, the object of which was to get tiyo more Slaveholders into theU. S. Sonate. The necessity of a strong representation of the slaveholding interest iu that body is well und:rstood by Southern statesmen. As lowa has just becomo a S'.ate, and Wisconsin is coming, a proposal has been made to divide Texas inlo two States immedialely, making the Brazos river lhe line of separution. The project is brcached in tbc Texas papers and is said to be fbvorably regnrded by tho Te.xan Congressional Delegation, and by soutliern meinbers of Congress generally. Wè should not be surprised if the proposition should bemade al the ne.t session of Congress at an early day, pressed with vigor, and carried. A6 all the new States adhere to the Democratie party, (so called) that party will gain two more Senators, making the proportion between them and the Whigsin the Señale stand abolii to Democrats toone Whig. This bait will not b"c overlooked. Besidos, these two Senators may be wanted to vote irrevocable eiavery upon California,' and admit ! that country as a slaveliolding State, subject, as was Texns, to be dívide, as fost as the popuhtion will ïermit, into severc. more slavo States. 7'he slavehoklers have uow the entire control of the Government and of the whole nation, and if they don't "go il" with vigor while they can, we much misjudge their sagacity.Ol0 The Democratie Conventimi of Hillsdale County have resolved as foliows, with only two or thrte noes : "Resolved, Thai we recognise as n cardinal principio of the Democratie party, (hat oo man is entilledof riglvt, to bo eFected to any oflitiö more than two successivc terina."A foolisl) resolutioh, va thinKv Wby do we elect ïïien to oiiice nt all f To discharge the duües of that cfllco. AYho tlien should be elected ? Those persons who will perform those iulies best. The oílice sliould be filled, nol Por the benefit of the incumoent, but of io jftb'c. Evory man can do better furthe public in any office the second term yxn he did the first. He aequires, during n ftrsl term', e.xperience ai.d kriowlcagc of the duties lo bc performed. All persons, howcver dö not do ihe best in the suóc'eeding terms f büt some dn. Bèsicles, some ortices rei;iire 'p.xtcnsivc proüinmary aequirments. Tn order to legislato properly for the State or Nation,a man must have a knowleiigeof nntiona! ailairs, parjiamentary usages, routine of tèRflative business, &c. whicb, w'hen once acquired, will remain with him fcr Üfc. - ' This Í3 one secret of the success of Sonili ern inombers of CongVoss. The wlmlé South is ruled by comparatively few persons of leisuVe and wealth: and these aré almost constanlly in public lift, and well acquuinted wilh . all theicacies of political managoinent ; ancf the way they'buve nianaged the Democracy of thé.est dufing the last two years has sliowed thein v.hle taö'ticïahs. - Tho raw mernbers frum the Norih, in' this respect cañnot cope with the old southern members of many years standing.