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Too True To Be Agreeable

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Our Dtsnally umiable cotempurnry, tlio Reghter, riüss ilbancjsiu ho!y horrer over our editorial lust weck cntitled: "Proved tobe Falie," in wbicli wc arraigned tl; Kepublican party, prctending to be the ] artyof coorality and temporáneo, ele va ti hg to tho highetpMÍtions of trust, hypooritioa! pretenderá oí' the stamp of Morton, Couklinjr, Stevens, Cameron, Cbandler, &a., o contrast witli the Democratie party, whioh makiog no suoh pratenoe, ia represente i by Bityard, Bey mour, Tilden, Thuriuan, Au , oonoorning whoso moral charactera tb ere is no auspioion of iinmornlity oriutfinperanou. Tlio artiole outs to the quiok because it is truo, so tiue that our cotemporary admita its truthfuliiefcs ly not deuying it, preferring to beg thp question, through sympathy toward the dead and defonceless. Who raieed the question ? Tho Auous stands upou the defenci; to the necusatiou made over and over again by its opponouts, and will lose no opportiuiity torepel the base insinnatiou thitt the one tho Bopubiican party contains all that is good, the other the Democratie, all that is bad iu politics. When tho claim censes to be made, thorc will be no reason lor reply. The Register now as in the cainpaign of 187G, omits no opportunity to villify Judge Harrinian, who was triumphantly elected notwithstanding its malignant opposition. Indeed from what we gather of the history of local politics, its opposition lias been a help Lu UAudlQüLua on eithersidoit strenuously opposed the majority if not all of whom were materially aided by its attacks. Bucause Judgo Harriman would not "turn the other oheek" and award it patronage, tho Jlcyister improves an opportunity in reply to an editorial of the Argus, unustly charging him with its paternity, to further rovilo him. The standing of Mr. lian imán as a citizen has been once tested at the polls to the intense niortitication of the Register. His record as uiember of tho School Board and its Presidoncy was indorsed only tho other day by a large majority despite a scheme iroruoted by the Register managers designcd for his defeat, and it is agniu of course, disgusted. His administration of ;he delicate and perplexing duties of the Probate Judgeship command the unqualified approbation of all who havo )usiness iu his court. This too, morti. les the Register. What is tho matter with our clergy? 3efore the De Land (Grand Eapids) 3oandal becomes stale, Jackson furnishes a nastier one. Eider Latbrop and Siiss Wallace, the former an eider of rears standing in the M. E. church, the atter not only superintendent of Sunday school, but a teacher in the city schools, areexposed after years of intinacy. Now comes the escapade of Rev. ür. Bayliss of Corunna, who runs away with a recent con vert, Mrs. Henry Phoenix. A polish clergyman of Detroit, íev. Mr. Dombrow8ki, pays $1100 foï seducing his late house koepor, giving )irth to a child a few months alter marriage and has fled to save his pernon from ïarm. Eev. G. L. Haight, of Portland, ,he ui m 011.. „..j, -r-ïas asked the conference to let him loave the Methodist church, and his request las been granted. Maino has given majorities for the Republican party since its forination ranging from 10,000 to 40,000. Last year this party lost the state for the first ;ime. This year Davis's election will go ,o thelegislature after one of the warmest eainpaigns known in its history. Blaine aarely saves his candidate, the election demonstrating the Eepublican party has no certain tenure there. The state retnains a donbtful one and her Presidencial candidato who did bis best, is reoiced to thiuk ehe has not swung altojether from tbe Eepublican mooring. The suspicious Register, edited by this and that person, the public not kuownig whom, is informed that the person whose name appears as editor of this paper is not an editor by proxy, but editor in fi-t. The article alleged to be written by Judgo Harriman was written by the editor of this paper, who has no assistunt and believes, perhaps egotistically, he neods none. Will tho Register be manly enough toward an unjustly accused party to apologize for the un warranted attack upon him. in I i i i mm Without doubt, since the death of John A. Dix, Hannibal Hamblin is the oldost and most distinguished office holder now living. He has taken part in eery campaign in his state the past ■13 years. Aspirants are tired out waiting for the old man to shuffle off the political coil. Kearney tho sand-lot leader says he will hang Gen. Grant iu eftigy on his arrival in San Francisco eome doy this week, and calis upon bis followers in every part of the state vvhere the expresident will be paraded, to do the same thing. If it does not rain in Detroit this state fair week, the prayer of her citizens, determined to iniprove the shining hour by making all tho money the occasion afïbrds, will bo believed to have been heard and granted. Zach Chandler should not fooi away any time preparing his letter of acceptanoe, until the Grant boom, which bagins this week upon his arrival on the Pacific coast, is accurately measured.


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