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- Gen. McClellan of New Jersey is ill - Bayani Taylor's widow will reside in New York. - üov. Co'.quitt of Oa., preaohes al camp uieutings. - Fred Douglass speaks at the Montgomery, Ala., fair. -Dr. Leonard Bacon of New Haven has been preachiug 55 years ! - Chas. Je we tt, son of President Je we tl of the Erio, died in Denver, Col. - Gen. Sohenek, Graut'a pokur-pluying minister to Eugland, is recovoring - ïho crown prince of Germany is in faiiing health. The oíd kaiser rnay outlive him yet. - President Huyes has bought a 10ton yacht lor use on the Potomae, anc christened it the Fauiiy Hayes. - Gen. Iiobert Toombs has offered_to give the Hood orphans a hundred dollars a year during the rest of nis lile. - Queen Victoria declared lloraee Greeley's son-in-law, Col. Siuith, tlie himdsuuiest man in the world ; but thnt was before she made Gen. Butler's acquaintance. - The jjlatform will miss the following lecturers during the coming winter siuoe they decline niakiug engagemants: Dr. J. G. Holland, Thomas Nast, Georgo William Curlis, Rev. Dr. Btorrs, Prederick DougUss and Rev. Dr. John Hall.


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