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-Beautiful Tableaus at Richard s social ,. -Richard's social will bo the cvent of the season. -Charlio Jones will curo the blues at Richard's social. - An attraetive programrne at Riohard's social this Friday eve. - Examination of frosbmen is in progresa at the University. - Rev. Mr. Sunderland will preach next Sunday morning on " Soine Brightening Outlooks." -Couipany A's team leave this morning to particípate in the military rifle shoot at Belle Isle. - Company A received full pay for the time in camp at Adrián, ou Monday eveniug. amouuting to 7,50 to each private. -In the case of the People vb. Adam Francisco, charged with aasault and battery upon John S. Earls, adjourned to to-morrow at 10 A. JT. -Paul Tesmer entered complaint before Justice FrueauffagainstPrank Gottlieb for assault and battery on Sunday afternoon. Frank skipped. -Landlords Jewell have placed a tank holding a large amount of water in the upper story of the Cook House, with which all the rooms are to be supplied. i "--ga seasion of the Washtenaw mological sooiety in union ach.,-. I aturday. Fruit and its culture we ie principal topic discussed. d of Supervisors meet October 1 3. V'.rsons having claims against tha . ihould remember that all bilis muBt De filedon or beforu the third day of the session. On Friday night laet theBethlehem Lutheran church was entered by raising of a window. The communion service happened to be elsewhere and nothing is therefore missing. - Eegent Climie. mail agent on the Toledo and Ann Arbor railroad, has engaged a residence on West Huron street Mid with his family will soon become a resident of this city. Julius Seyler, a 15-years old ltd, and a great musical genius, has gone to Warren, Ohio, where he will take a thorough course of instruction in the Dana musical institute. -The Washtenaw County Fair will be held at Ann Arbor September 30 and October 1, 2 and 3, and the indications are auspicious. Betwoen $500 and $600 are offered in special speed premin Cultivated aad rolled, tne courr house grouuds have received a proper portion of grass seed, to be observed in the coming spring, under the influence of a. mower, as one of the prettiest lawns extant. -The famous bycicle rider Wentworth Collin8, about whotn we havo read, wending his way westward from New York by raeans new and novel, reached this oity on Saturday via Monroe. He has traveled 1,092 miles, and asserted it was an easy tbing to propel his steed 100 miles in ten hours. -The university campus present3 a very busy appearance. There is a large numberof workmen employed in getting things in readiness for the new buildiat,= that aro to bo construoted tho present season. Witlithe new buildings thathave already been erected and others in proce8s of construction, this is the busiest year the city has ever experienced. A special meeting of the oommon comncil was held Tuesday evening. C. Q. Millman was appointed policeman to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of D. W. Amsden, who has embarked in the show business. It was Biso decided to cali a meeiing of the taxpayers for the purpose of raising $5,000 to place the lire department in a position to save property. - Acoording to the rules of the M. E. church the conference could not appoint the Bev. R. B. Pope pastor, who is now a member of the Rock Island oonference, but he has been continued in charge of the parish here by the presiding eider until the middle of October, when he will take up his rosidence in Chicago. It is expected that he will address the reform club Sunday afteruoon. An interesting case was before Justice Frueauff on Monday. Elizabeth Kearns was a domestic in the house of Fred Huston, a resident of Ann Arbor township, three years or inore, during which time there was no settlement between employer and employee. Plaintiff brought suit for settlement claiming $70 balance due for wages. She recoverod $15 damaees, costs and $5attorney'B fee. Jury trial. Moral - keep books. In calling attentiou to Saulsbury's Troubadours the Boston Daily Qlobe saya: To speak of the compauy is a k, because they are a cioat - mpany In the west they hav ben s great favoritos as they now Kt i ti M "n, and no othur five e cu bc foi - 1 who can amuse an udienoo s woll as they. Mr. N. Suulsy, „ullu uuurley, Mr. John Webster, Miss Nellie MoHenry, and Miss Helene Dingeon. Of these the greatest of praise must be given to Miss Mellen ry for her piquant acting, which ahe gives with a ohio and abandon th it have neve never been equaled in thia country save by Aiuiee.


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