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The Premium List of the countyAgricultural society for the coming Fair is before us. The Prizes offored to the Farmers and others aro liberal and extend to a largo number of articles in the severaldepartinentsof Agricnlture, Ilorticulture, Fine Arts, Mechanica and Manufactures. This programme as stated in this Premium List is sufficient to engage as it undoubtedly will the attention and secure a general attendance of the farmers and others at tho coming fair; yet Ihere are to be on the days of the Fair othor attractions in tho form of trials of speed on the track, two trials each day, for which premiums, not stated in the list referred to, will be given, principally tho contributions of the citizens of Ann Arbor. With all these atti actions we oan safely predict the coming fair (weathor permitting) a success. We quote for the information of those who may not have a premium list, and who contémplate exhibiting stock from the Regulations under the bead of " Entries:" "AH live stock must be on the ground entered and arranged by 10 o'clock A. M. of the second day." And from notice at the close of premium list: "Those who contémplate exhibiting stock in compotition at tho fair will fiad it to their advantage to make their entries with the Seorotary (Byron Greeu) at an early day as they will then have assigued theui prc-pKr talls and oonveniences and the officers and superintendent will be enabled to make all necessary provisión for theui before the first day of tho fair. OFFICERS FOB 1879. President - Saiuson Parker. Vioe-Presidents - J.B. Vanatta, J. S. Henderson, J. J. Jedele, David M. Uhl, David G. Rose. Eecording Secretary - Byron Green. Cor. Secretary- Evart H. Scott. Executive Committee - Chas. H.Richmond, Burk Spenoer, Henry Coe, E. T. Walker, John Coyle, David Cody, W. H. Dell, John J. Robison, Geo. A. Peters, John Campbell, John Cook, James Eash, Wm. Deusmore, Junius Short, Win. H. Arnold, Jacob Brown, J. H. Hicks, J. V. N. Gregory, J. K. Yocum, John Spaford, Emery A. Lelaud, Joseph Saunders. Superintendent- Edward Treadwell. Marshal- Micbael Fleming. Business Committee- Samson Parker, C. H. Riehmond, J. S. Henderson, John J. Robison, Geo. A. Peters. Committee on Reception of Strangers Col. H. S. Dean, E. B. Pond, Lewis C. Risdon. Sup'ts of Departraents- Cattle, John B. Duw. Horses, W. H. Lewis. Sheep, D C. Andt'ison. Swine, Richard Glazier. Püultry, Charles Koot. Carriages and Meobanies, Frank Wood. Floral Hall, Wra. Everest. Agricultural Implements David M. Finley. Fruit, Jas. W. Wing. Grain and Seeds, D. L. Godfrey. Fine Arts Prof. M. C. Tyler. LIST OF JUÜQES. Cattle- Durharns- Charles Whitaker, Lima: D. W. Paluier, Biidgewater; Nathan Button, Northtield. Dnvons and Ayershires - A. L. Felukamp, Saline; J. W. Childs, Augusta ; Geo. Rosier, Webster. Jerseys- J. W. Nanry, Hnserio; ïhoe. Ninde, Ypsüanti; Frerl. Keinpf, Northfield. Grade and Nativo- G. Hoyt, Saline ; D. L. Godfrey, Aun Arbor town ; Geo. Rash, Lcdi. Work Oxen and Stoers Richard Nowland, Ann Arbor town; Hilo Beuham, Ypsilanti ; J. D. Olcott, Augusta. Fat Oattle- Henry Matthews, Ann Arbor city; Petor Kanouse. York: Wm. Judsou, Sylvan. Horses- Speed- E. T. Walker, Salem; A. Miller, Saline ; A. M. Noble, Ypsilanti. For All Work- Frank Spaford, Manchester ; B. Beahan, Ann Arbor city ; P. saunders, Ypsilanti. Draught- F. Hutzel.Pittsfield; Patrick Tuomy, Scio; Thos. Young, Lyndon. Carriage - G. Conklin, Manchester; Albert Blaess, Lodi; H. Twoinbley, Lyndon. Jacks and Mules- John A. Freeman, Ann Arbor city ; Win. Martin, Saline ; Benj. Roper, Dexter. Sheep- American Merinos- G. Johnson, Lodi ; Andrew Campbell, Pittsfield ; T. Van Geison, Bridgewater. Long Wools- Wm. Geer, Superior; M. Duffy, Webster; A. Miller, Augusta. Middle Wools- Geo. fcjutton, Northñeld ; E. L. Boyden, Webster; Henry Paul, Pittsfield. Grades- Wm. W. Kress, Bridgewater ; Jacob Breining, Freedom ; Ira Backus, Webster. Swine - James Young, Saline ; John Henley, Scio ; James Scott, Dexter. Poultry- A. J. Sawyer, Ann Arbor city; J. A. Watling, Ypsilanti; J. G. English, Manchester. Agricultural Implements- R. Saulsbury, York ; W. Westfall, Lima ; Henry Calhoun, Bridgewater. Grain and Seeds - Heman Hickg, Ann Arbor town; Henry Osborn, Soio ; Peter Coolc, Pittsfield. Fruit- J. Austin Scott, Chas. C. Clark, Wm. Canwell, Aun Arbor; MyronWebb, Saline; Artbur Case, Manchester. Vegetables- John G. Feldkarap, Freedom; Thos. Kearney, Northüeld; Chas. Blackmer, York. Bntter, Cheese, etc. - W. Thomas, Ann Arbor city ; Mrs. Nelson Booth, Pittsfield; Mrs. Edward Boudinot, Ann Arbor city ; Mrs. D. M. Finley, Scio. Carriages, Sleighs, etc. - J. J. Ellis, Ann Aroor city; unas, icauiusu, i psilanti; J. Soliairer, Saline. Mechanic Arts - John Howland, Ypsilanti; Win. MeCreery, Ann Arbor city ; C. W. Hicks, Plymouth. Sweetmeats - Mrs. C. H. Millen, Miss Ada Tripp, Ann Arbor city; Mrs. J. S. Henderson, Pittsfield. Flowers - Eugene Laible, Ypsilanti ; Mrs. A. TenBrook, Mrs. Benj. Dny, Miss AHc Douglas, Mioa Sniali Heunques, Aim Arbor. Ottier Mechnnical Work- Loyal Tower, Lodi ; Warren Tozer, Dexter ; S. B. Doty, Aun Arbor. Fancy Needie and Crochet Work- Mrs John N. Gott, Miss Ida Noble, Ann Arbor; Miss Euima Wood, Lodi; Mrs. A. Beal, Dexter. Fine Arts- Prof. J. W. Langley, Win. D. Harriman, Mrs. James B, Grott, Ann Arbor city ; Mr. James Stone, Manchester; Mrs. W.H. Hawkins, Ypsilitnti. Dornestic Manufactures - Benj tmin Brown, Ann Arbor ; C. S. Gregory, Dexter; Fr.-d. Bro"- Ann Arbor town ; Mrs. F. B. Green, Pittsftèld ; Mrs. (ieó. 8. Wheeler, Salem ; Miss Ad Neff, Saliue ; Mrs. John Burg, Ann Arbor city. Bovs' D 'partment - J. C Mead, Ann Arbor town; Chas. J. Gardner, Aun Arbor city ; Mrs. Mead, Saline ; Miss Carrie Suttou, Norttifiald; Miss Minnie Sampson, Ypsilanti. ïhoroughbred Horses - D. M. Finley, Soio ; John V. N. Gregory, Lima ; John Nowland, Ann Arbor.


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