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Premiums Received At State Fair

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D. Macleau of this city, third on singlo goldiugs 1 yeara old. rhclps liros. of Dexter, first on bulls yeara old to " '-lst Duke of Hillsdale." Second to C. S. Brooks of Brlghton, on Duke of Mazurka." Sooond premium on bulls 2 yoars old to D. M. Uhl of Ypsilanti. Third to W. and F. Warner of Doxtcr. First premium on yoarling bulls to Thelps Bros., Dexter. First premium on buil calves to W. and F. Warner, Doxtor; fourth to D. M. Uhl of Ypsilonti. First premium on cows J years old to Tholps Bros. of Dexter First on teitera 0 yoara olri to Thelps Bros., D. M. Uhl, second and fourth Ditto 2 years old, third premium to Phelps Bros. Yearliugs, filflt and third Pholps Bros., second D. M. Uhl. Jurseys - Bulls 3 yoars old, first mium to John Q. English of Mauches;er. Yoarlings, second premium to English. Of any age, to English. Sheep and Swine ; rams 2 years old or over, seoond and thiid premiums to A. F. Wood of Saline. Yearlings, seconil and third premiums, A. F. Wood. Pens of three ram lamba, second premium to Wood; third on pens of three owes 2 years old ; third on one year old ; first and third on pens of throo cwo lambs to Wood ; Sows 2 years old or over, third premium, and pens of pigs less than 10 months old, secoud premium to Wood


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