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Bigotry Of Slaveholders

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Some of the rnembcrs of the last Congress scem fo be' no further advanced than vere McDuflle and Cslhoun ten years ago. One Isaac E. Morse, a Democrat [I] rom stated in a speech in Cougress, Jan. 11, 18-45: " He had traveled all over the South, and Vind visiled S iatgè number of manu-' acturifrg counties of Eurone, and he maintained that the Southern negroes were not ouly a great deal betler fed and clothed, but a greai deal moré intelligent and rcspcctablc tlum the operativas of Fjiirope. " fíe denied the principie which was assumed here as a thing conceded, namely, bat slavcry was an evil. He insisted bat ir was no kvil : on the contrary, it v.? the gfedtest Hcsntig which God Alnthtij. l;imst'I.f, covld have ordahicd, br the protection and safe keeping of a arge mnss of human beings, who were ncapahle of mainfaining and preserving