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You ought to sec Bach & Abel's fancy ribbons- they aro too haudsomo to wear. TTILL'S OPERA HOUSE. MONDAY, SKFT. 22. C&rntval Night of Fuii! Tlio Far Fumi-tl and World Renowmvl Saulsbnry's Troubadours. Poeltively One Nigut Ouly. First ]]-ixlii;liin in t.liïs cityof thcir om laugh;ililc, Musical Extrivvaganza, "THE BEOOK," Or the Jolly Fun at the Píenlo. l'orui.AK T'kices.- First Hoor, 78 cents; nenred ;it 3. C. Watts' Jewelry Store without extra charge. üallery.W conts. FIFTJf CTS. TO WtTMORE LAKEI Citizeiis of Aun A rbor ahould rrniciiilHT (b:tl the ptueeuger fare to Whitmoro I.;tkü via BrightoO stage Is only FIFTTY CENTS. Ti ignnneflCesary tohire arig at an exp']iK(( oi S3 or $i lor you cue take Brlgbton stage al the Leonard House al 10 a. r. ob Tueadays. Thq redaya and Bal nrilays, rel unuiion MomlfivH, Wedaesdaya and Fridays. Thia stage runa regíüarly aud can aocommoaate eix peraoni. C. H. SMITH, Proprietor. Anu Arbor, July 24, 1879. nXUCVTOR'S HOTICE. The wooi erop in sold, tbewheaf erop ia threshed, and ;ill poraon owing the estáte oí .lauios Treadwai oan and muit pay. Last co.ll 1). CKAMER, Ëxecutor. Srpt. 16, 1870. Estáte of EUsha Freer, Q'fATB OF MICÍIIGAN, COUNTY )O o( W&ühtenaw, as. Notice is herebj given, 'ti;it order nf L'robatc Coxirt tor the County of Wafchtenuw, miile ontho üfteouth duy oi KfpU'in. . 1). 1870, Bis inotitha fiom that date wt:ru alLowed for oröditow lu piesenl their clfiima ngaiuat ■ kte "f l'.lislm b'reer, late of said county, decoaiaá, aaá tlmt ail oreditora of suid deceaseq arerequixed fcopreaent their olaims to $aid ProbateGourtj vit the Probate Utflce in tho city oi' Mm Ail"r, for ezamiaation and allowauco, on or before tlie fliteenth day of March ncxt,and that Bueh dtftit&B wili bo heozd before said Court on bfonday, Um llftecnth day of December, and mi Monday, tb Bfteentb das ofMaioli uext,;itten oelookinthe forenoonof eaohol ïalddays. Dultd. Anu Arbor, September 15. A. l. 187Ö. W1LLIAMD. HÁHKIMAN, 38 w 4 Judge oJt' fiubate.


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