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Real Estate Transfers

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WAKHANTY. Louisa J. Drnry to Gordon W. Begale. 10 acres in Augusta. Consideraron 1250. John J. Clarkson to Luke Guiñan. 14 acres in Sharon. Consideration $550. Harmali O'Hara to Catherine McManus. Ann Arbor city property. Consideration $500. Frank V. Scott to Hannah M. Culver. Property ba Ypsilanti city. Consideratiou - love, affection and $1. Mary Dresoha to Daniel Kent. Ann Arborcity property. Oonsideration $000. Daniel Kent to Mary Dresser. Manchester villago property. Cuusideration aoo. Wm. -webster to Mauassah Ebersole Property ia Augusta. Consideratio David G. Roso to Christopher Gibbs 20 aores iu Manchester. Consideration 1700, Christopher Gibbs to Luviney N Gibbs. G4 aores in Manchester. Con sideration $1000. Eliza C. Sibbold to Celia H. Barns Cheisea property for $900. David Henning to Wm. G. Wheeler 117 acres in Pittsfield. Consideration p i , uüu. Jno. Geo. Schairer to Joha Jacob Schairer. Salem vülage property Con ideration $2,500. QUIT-CLAI1T. Allen Crittendeu to Pranklin C. Critenden. 40 acres iu York. Consideraion $2,400. George Keek to John Keek. Ann Arbor city property for $1000. Alonzo Allen to Isabella Hill. Ann Arbor city property for $900. The rush stil] continúes and orowds come from all directions to secure the great bargains that are offered at Mack & bchimds and which have created an exciteinent unpamleled in the anuals of the dry goods trade in this city. Best Drips at Oopsey's. Best -RestaurantTuThecity, Cropsey's. Vail & Crane's crackers at Cropsey's. 25 ets. tor a good meal at Cropsey's. Thetrimmingthatladiesare inquirinK for now are Peldn stripe satins. Bach & Abel havo all colors. An immense stock of black andcolored sük volvets at Bach & Abel's. Jeraey Sweot Potatoos at Cropaey's.