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A new country, as every body knows, is usually dependant for a long period, upon glder communitici, for most kinds of mnnufactured anieles, as well as for nmebinery. Wo have thought that this wastrue for a much Ionger lime than was necesaary. Uere at tlio West, now, we can't get a nail to mend a picket with, a gimblrst to bor a hole, n button to put on a coat, a needie to scw t with, no - nor a pin to faetcn a hirt collar, without eending "down cast" for it, and perchance across the greni ocean. Now it is strictly true thnt many of these articles of common use can bo made to betr ndvantage n the West, nnd with greatben efit to the peeple. Every niechanic who sets up a new brnnch of business omong us confers on the community a rtal benefit, by locaiing liis capital among us, by saving tho transporuiion of anieles and the profits of easterrt tnanufacturers, and by gathering in a tribute, in the simpo of profits. from all the country where his wares are old. Thus every Connecticut cofiee-mil! put up in Ann Arbor carries a shilling or tvo to soiue sharp eyed Yankee Iücited in sorne obscure villng down ast: and thus the clockmakers of that State are Eithering a harvest of profits fro.ii the Eiist índica nnd tho Colcstial Empire.Our ciiizens general y are not sníficiently nware ot tiie imp r anee of evrn sni:i!l maniifneturing esmblislimcntï tovnrd building üp a place. T Let of Government loc.ued in our Vilhitfe, i thjiígtn ly inany to be enough to cnlarge anl emich t beyond all other means.- Whcrcns a litilc sound observation and refleciiún wouM convince thoir. tfútt-é few himdrcd honesond industrious mcch;micaf wiih their fmnilie, permnnendy U.c.-itcd iu a i lace, would do more Dwnnis its growih and pr.8ferity, for a aeiies of years. ihan evornl ihousnnd of ihe for.y. vieJoui, spendihrií'i, ollk-eseeking gentry iliai hang around a S'nio Cnpitul. These reiltctioni ntruded theineelvcs inio our n ind n consequence of a visit to tlie Machine Shop of Meier. II. &. R. 1'aktkide n our village. They employ a considerable number of liniid. in tlie munufnciura of Machinery to be propelled hy waier, and theroby build up nihc.r viliapes as well a thcir own. Theír Cnrding Mochines ve hnve frecjnently scen depar'inff lo dilTcrent pana of the country, and we found in the shop, just rendy for depirturc, a Jack of 120 ppindles, made for our Liberty friend Judge Comrock of Owosso, being a pnrtof .i manulacturing establishnicnt ordcred by him, to bo locatcd in that )lsce. The workmunsltip will compare wiih any article of the kind wc hav seen in the coun try. Webelieve Messrs. 1'. can make almost any tliing. Our readers will remembür that it was here that the Argus Printing Press was made, which ie now in perfect and ncceasful operanon. We are informed tliar this is ihe only establishment in our State for the manufacture of Woolen Machinery ; ndif so. it sbould be suatnined by the patronage of the whole commnnity. in 10 making foreign importatiuns. We are not very mach of n high Ta ifFii. but in ihis way we would like to Bceour fel low ciu'z.ns i;protect domestic industry."