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Real Estate Transfers

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(L'lT-CI.AIjr. Palmer Westfall to Francés A. Westfall. 80 acres iii Lima. Consideration $2,000. lidusom S. Smith by executor to James üttluy. Aan Arbor city property for $1. WA11RANTY. Williara Barclay to Thomas J. Keech. Ann Arbor city property for $85, Warren E. to Win. E. Mannine: ssfèm ..„..6. i Cansiderition $-100 Ann opeRChley to James is., uuonüan 15 acres in Ann Arbor town. Consider ation $600. Thomas Taylor to Thomas Kelly. - Ann Arbor city property for $350. Roxana LeBaron to Frost St. John. - Salem villaga lot. Consideration $200 Ilannah Ó. Denuis to Nancy Martin 40 acres in Saleui. Consideratioti $1,900. Frederick Gierbach to Eborhardt. - Aun Arbor city property for $400. John Keek to the Keek Furniture Coinpany. Ann Arbor city property for $9,400. Philip J. Visel to John M. Schuh. - Ann Arbor city lot for $1000. Richard E. Butterworth to George H. Rh odes. Anu Arbot town prouerty for $100. Harvpy Cornwell to Henry S. Frieze. Ann Arbor city lot for $1,300. John N. Gott to Julia H. Packard and Clara H. Fencke. Ann Arbor city property for $10. Celina C. tëchuh to Frederick Pistorius. Anu Arbor city property for $1550. Wm, B. Smitb to Emma J. Doyle. - Ypsilanti city lot for $1,(100. Edward Ó Brien to Thos. Finch. 4 1 4 acres in Augusta for $200. Col. Fred Grant, the son of his father, said to a Chicago reporter that in all his travels around the world, he did not hear him make the slightest allusion to the next Presidency. Does that settle the question?