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What Mr. Gordon Will Do

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" He will co-opcraie with the friends of civil liberty throughout the land, to bring back the government to the principies asserted in our Constitution, and declared by our fathers of 1776, that all men are created equal,' and he will support everyjust and well directed eflbrt to put an end to Human Slavery, or at least oppose its extensión beyond its present limita, Ihat it may not control the Senate, and sway the government, to the extinction of Freedom." - Michigan Telegraph. It is quite amusing to see the Telegraph back out of its pledge that Mr. Gordon will labor to "put an end to Human Slavery" beforo it finishes the paragraph ! This might be going too far : henee we are told he will "oppose its extensión." Quite another thing, we reckon. We never heard Mr. Gordon's worst enemy accuse him of the slightest intention of trying to " put an end to Human Slavery," and we don't believe a word of it. If Mr. Gordon has got any nexo light on that subject, we should like to see it shine. By the way, what slave holder does Mr. Gordon iniend to vote for for President in 1848 ? Will the Teleraph, or some of his other advocates, teil us % - His constituents are entitled to know, as the choice of President may ultimately devolve on the House of Representatives.L7" The Railroad, we suppose is sold, and by the Iatest information, nothing delayed the Company in taking posses sion, but the computation of the payments then mak ing in Detroit.