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Married A Circus Rider

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It seoms to be the fashion just at present in Europe for titled and wealthy men to marry circus-riders. Forney's Progress says : Everybody - that is everybody in swelldom - in Eurvpe continúes to talk of the marriage of Prince Reuss with Mlle. Clotild Iloux, better known as Loisset, under which name she has been the pride of the circos in the Champs Elysees, Paris where she rode bareback horses, and was herself much in the same condition. But Loisset is a very good %iA, and told tlie Prince to marry her ot go his ways. ïhe marriage took place at Vienna, and the lady has retlred from the arena of the circus and public life. Tliis is the second time nobility has allied itself with her fami'y. Her aunt, who still lives, and was also a circus rider, married Count Boissy, son of Henrietta Sontag. The Prince, who never had a kingdom or even a fortune, is thrown off by his íamily, and has been for years in charge of a legal guardián, whose ciuty it was to keep him out of scrapes. '■ His associates called him Jump 1 niuflin), and he was compelled to sign his commission as lieutenant of ' me Fifth Regiment of Prussian Hassars on account of his debts. Just ' vious to this marriage he had aspired to the hand of an English lady, whose parents, however, declined the empty honor of an alliance with him. His bride is the daughter of a Paris confectioner, who niarried a Miss Loisset, sister of a once fainous circus rider. i tRjre c uree behtb .■.. '.:.o champa Elysee circus last summer, Oceana, Leonard and Loisset, and all have made long steps In adv anee. Loisset's story has been told, and though there is only title and no money, she and her husband will without doubt be well taken care of. Oceana in some way made a fortune, and Leonard married Mr. Worms, a banker. Still another chapter. A younger sister of Loisset - Jike her, a circus-rider - is to marry Count Hatzfeld, a sportsman wellknown on the turf at Iloppeyarter. This fortúnate lady displayed her powers at the Cirque Salainonski, Berlin.


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